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Your Phoenix Home Can Get Mold!

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

People who move to the dry desert from damper climates believe that they’ve left the days of dank, damp homes behind them. Not true! Mold damage in Phoenix is not always a random occurrence and can happen, so it’s important to be diligent. Several situations can cause mold to grow in your home; we have seen enough cases over the years to know just how vulnerable most residences in Phoenix actually are. Mold grows best in dark, humid environments, but the truth is that spores might be waiting for a chance to grow anywhere in your home if any of these events happen.

Your home has a water leak

Leaking pipes, faucets, and other water-based fixtures in your Phoenix home could all contribute to mold growth. Spores grow quickly around any water source they can find, even if the amount of water is very small. As long as moisture remains consistent in the area, mold can start to grow. If you have discovered any leaks in your home or suspect that they may exist, there is a good chance that your home is hiding a past or present mold infestation, so it’s important to be diligent about finding any leaks and addressing them quickly.

Monsoon storms cause excessive water

When storms come through the Valley, they create an excellent opportunity for mold to grow in your home. Monsoons can dump a significant amount of water is a short period of time. Not all roofs can handle that kind of rain, especially if drainage is an issue. Any leaks in your roofing or siding could contribute to mold infestation somewhere in your home. Insufficient drainage away from your home’s foundation can cause issues too. SERVPRO technicians can use advanced moisture detection tools to detect unusual levels of moisture anywhere in your home.

You had a flood in your home

Situations like a malfunctioning dishwasher or washing machine can flood your home. Any time a large part of your home's flooring becomes covered in water should be treated as a potential precursor to a mold problem. Microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, indoors, and outdoors, so the extended presence of moisture can cause mold issues.

If you experience any kind of leak, storm, or flood issue, it’s a good idea to call in water remediation specialists SERVPRO of East Phoenix to check out the damage and address the issue as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth. We’re available 24/7 so contact us any time at 602-507-6163.

How Restaurants End Up with Mold Issues

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

A slow leak from the ice maker supply line, refrigerator, or sink are just a few ways a restaurant can end up with mold. It is important to check your water lines regularly to make sure there are no leaks and to avoid serious damage. Here’s how to keep your restaurant from experiencing mold.

Check your water lines often

Unless there is visible water showing on the floor, many restaurants don’t consistently check their water lines for leaks, but that can be a mistake. While water leaking may not be enough to become visible on the floor, even the smallest leaks can lead to a wet wall which can easily breed mold. Left unattended, this can turn into a real issue. Since most water lines are out of sight and therefore out of mind, it’s a good idea to add this quick check to your monthly maintenance duties to avoid a bigger issue.

Refrigerator leaks

Like other water lines, those in your refrigerator can be leaking slowly without causing any suspicion. A common culprit is the ice maker. Since these leaks are hard to detect, especially underneath or behind a large commercial refrigerator, knowing the telltale signs to look for can help nip a small mold problem in the bud before it becomes substantial. Check for the appearance of black spots on the ground or walls near or behind the refrigerator, which could be a sign that mold is beginning to grow. Also be aware of any change in odor in or near the fridge, especially if that smell is musty. That can also indicate a mold problem is present. If the odor is substantial even after the mold growth is addressed, odor removal may be needed by a professional.

Check for water leaks from sinks

Sinks in restaurants can be a bit easier to keep an eye on and notice if there is any presence of mold growth. Even if there isn’t an actual leak, an unattended filling sink can overflow and if the water isn’t completely addressed, seepage into the nearby drywall can remain wet and eventually harbor mold growth. Keeping an eye on sinks and thoroughly cleaning up any overflows can help abate a mold issue.

Why mold can so easily grow in restaurants

There are a lot of items in a restaurant that could slowly leak water. With no one person responsible for monitoring for issues like mold growth, mold can quickly get out of hand. It’s important to also realize that mold spores are already present in any restaurant, any building or house. In fact, microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, indoors, and outdoors, so removing all mold from a home or business is impossible. However, if mold growth becomes an issue, mold remediation can help address the situation.

Water damage can increase mold growth within 72 hours given proper conditions. The quicker professionals can respond the greater the chance they can effectively address the issue from getting any worse.

Our highly trained team of professionals are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to always be up to date on the newest training and techniques as well as CDC guidelines. If your business has a fire, water, mold, asbestos, biohazard, or COVID disaster, give SERVPRO of East Phoenix a call at (602) 507-6163.

Unwanted Mold in Your Home Needs to Be Addressed Professionally

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

As a homeowner, finding mold in your home is always an unpleasant surprise. Mold growth is likely to cause significant damage to your property if left untreated. So, what are your options when you need to control such related issues? Learn more about mold and what you need to do to get it handled.

What causes mold growth in homes?

The primary cause of mold damage is typically moisture. Without it, mold cannot grow, and that means the secret to controlling mildew growth lies in regulating the moisture content in your home. Our SERVPRO technicians understand that the dampness in your property can be as a result of indirect water intrusion, direct water intrusion, and intermittent intrusion.

Direct intrusion takes place when your roof or plumbing system leaks, your windows are poorly sealed, and water runs off from bathtubs and showers. Our SERVPRO of East Phoenix team has the tools and skills to fix such issues, and it is crucial to call professionals immediately you discover an anomaly. When it comes to indirect water intrusion, we are talking about that rising dampness in your home. That can happen when moisture wicks up from underground, and your property ends up with wet concrete slabs, furniture, cabinets, or carpets. Unfortunately, this is often undetected until damage is done, and mold growth has started. On the other hand, the cause of intermittent water intrusion may be condensation that results from inadequate ventilation, vaporizers, humidifiers, high humidity, and high steam. To lower the moisture content and improve air quality, mold remediation technicians may set up dehumidifiers. The role of these machines is to extract that additional moisture from the air.

Understanding mold

Microscopic mold spores exist almost everywhere, outdoors, and indoors, making it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors, and outdoors. Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet. Understanding this helps our technicians know what to look for and how to address the problem.

How SERVPRO addresses mold growth

After addresses water issues described above, SERVPRO technicians dry the wet areas and stop moisture entry. We use a variety of techniques for mold remediation and one addressed, we can perform deodorization. Here, we use thermal foggers that emit deodorizing agents that have antimicrobial capabilities to reduce chances of mold growth. SERVPRO is certified by IICRC to do mold remediation, and we have the right tools and follow to state regulations when doing our work.

SERVPRO of East Phoenix is a trusted industry leader in mold remediation, and we take pride in our highly trained technicians. If you experience mold issues in your home, reach out to us immediately. With fungal growth and mold damages, you need immediate remediation services from qualified IICRC-Certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians like ours. Call us at (602)507-6163 and be offered proven restoration services to give you back your peace of mind.

How Moisture Can Cause Mold Damage in Your Home

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

This is the time of year when there is typically more moisture in the air than usual due to monsoons. That increased humidity can sometimes mask increased moisture in your home, which can encourage mold growth. Learn how moisture can cause mold damage in your home and what to do about it.

How to reduce moisture in your home

To reduce the risk of mold damage in your Phoenix home, it’s important to decrease moisture throughout your house. The mold needs both moisture and a food source to grow. Mold colonies often grow in the dampest places in your home, such as the bathroom, laundry room, or basement. The fungus needs damp conditions to grow, which is why SERVPRO recommends you do all you can to reduce damp throughout your house. One way to reduce moisture is through the regular use of dehumidifiers, which can help minimize the moisture in the air in your home. Dehumidifiers draw water droplets out of the atmosphere, which contributes to drier conditions and less water for mold to use for growth. While most of the year proves to be quite dry in Phoenix, monsoon season can increase humidity in your home, so this is an excellent step to reduce moisture.
Proper ventilation is another way to reduce moisture in your home. Ventilation is necessary, especially in damp areas or places where mold tends to grow. Open windows regularly to ventilate stuffy or humid rooms, especially if you’ve experienced water damage in your home. Leaks, drips, or patches of damp seeping into walls or ceilings all provide the moisture mold needs for propagation. Get leaking pipes or faucets or patches of damp in your basement or laundry room fixed as soon as you can to help reduce moisture in your home and combat mold growth.

Mold is everywhere, so be diligent

It may surprise homeowners to know that mold is already present in their homes. Since microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors, removing all mold from a home is impossible. Many restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold. This is a fallacy. We understand mold and mold growth. SERVPRO of East Phoenix has the training and expertise to remediate the mold in your home or business. Our IICRC-certified technicians are on hand to help with mold remediation and moisture reduction in your home. We clean all visible mold colonies and establish containment so we can vent contaminated air from your home. We are also equipped with dehumidifiers to improve conditions indoors, and our teams come with moisture meters and probes so we can do a thorough assessment of the situation and alert you to any hidden damp patches. We follow a very specific mold remediation process to get the job done.
Do not let mold damage your home. Call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163 today for assistance if you experience any kind of mold damage. We’re here 24/7 to serve you.

Leave Mold Remediation to the Experts at SERVPRO

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

With monsoon season comes moisture which can cause mold in your home. Should you see signs of mold in your Phoenix home, contact SERVPRO of East Phoenix immediately to take care of the situation before it gets worse. Homeowners may want to address the situation themselves, but it is best to leave mold remediation to the experts.

Not all mold damage is visible

One of the most important reasons to call a professional mold remediation service for mold damage to your home is that the problem cannot be solved without professional intervention. The area must be dried, cleaned, sanitized, and possible repainted or rebuilt if the mold infestation was well-developed. Even when mold appears to be gone, it is not, and if not cleaned thoroughly, spores can continue to grow and spread to other parts of the home causing more damage. 

Why cleaning mold on your own is not enough

Trying to eliminate mold damage yourself can be detrimental to the home, rather than helpful. Even if you remove all visible signs of mold in your home, it is almost impossible to eradicate airborne spores and hidden pockets of growth without advanced tools. We use advanced moisture detection tools to identify patches of mold behind walls and surfaces and air scrubbers to filter as many spores out of the environment as possible. Also keep in mind that you really cannot remove mold altogether. Since microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, indoors, and outdoors, removing all mold from a home or business is impossible. Remediation is what keeps mold growth at bay.

Moldy smells indicate a problem

After mold has been addressed, the musty odor it causes can remain. These odors take years to leave your home on their own. SERVPRO technicians use industrial-strength chemical fogging machines to neutralize odor molecules, even if they are embedded deep within the walls and floors of your home. When mold appears in your home, SERVPRO professionals will:

  • Inspect and assess mold damage
  • Contain the mold
  • Execute air filtration
  • Remove mold and mold-infested materials, if applicable
  • Clean mold-impacted content

There is more to cleaning mold than simply wiping it off surfaces, which is why mold remediation is best left to the professionals of SERVPRO. SERVPRO of East Phoenix is the Valley's leading provider of mold damage remediation services. For our expert help with mold in your home, give us a call at (602) 507-6163. We will work with you to address your mold issues.

How to Find and Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home or Business

2/8/2020 (Permalink)

Mold damage in your home or place of business can be a serious problem. However, knowing a few important facts about mold growth patterns can help you catch the problem early and possibly prevent it altogether.

Common Places for Mold Infestation

Certain areas of your home or business are more susceptible to mold growth than others. It is important to keep these areas as dry as possible, inspect them frequently for any hidden mold issues and check for water stains or a musty odor, which may indicate mold is present or will be soon if you don’t address it quickly:

  • Ceiling tiles and drywall
  • Paper goods
  • Wood products
  • Humid areas such as bathrooms and washroom areas
  • HVAC vents

Tips for Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold needs certain conditions to grow, such as mold spores, warmth, and moisture. What most people don’t know is that most homes and businesses naturally have all of these conditions present at any given time. As a matter of fact, mold spores occur naturally almost everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. These microscopic spores float along in the air and can enter a home or business through windows and HVAC systems.  Keeping mold spores and moisture to a minimum will go a long way toward preventing mold damage in your home or business. Here are a few tips that may prevent mold infestations:

  • Use a dehumidifier
  • Use an air purifier to trap mold spores
  • Repair leaks and dry up any standing water
  • Open windows and use fans to circulate air
  • Inspect HVAC ductwork for mold
  • Clean up any sitting water you find quickly and thoroughly

Mold Remediation

Even the most meticulously maintained building can experience a mold problem. When this happens, you should address the concern as quickly as possible to keep the mold from spreading. For small areas, a diluted bleach mixture and a little elbow grease will likely be enough to take care of the issue but if the mold issue is anything more than a very small area, it’s time to call in the experts at SERVPRO of East Phoenix. Using a certified restoration company for severe mold damage is a smart way to keep the damage at a minimum, and prevent further damage from happening in the future. Once the highly trained professionals of SERVPRO come in and address your immediate issue, they’ll work with you to ensure there are no other areas of your home or business at risk for future mold damage. Here’s what a mold remediation service from SERVPRO of East Phoenix entails:

  1. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment
  2. Mold Containment
  3. Air Filtration
  4. Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials
  5. Cleaning Contents and Belongings
  6. Restoration

If you have mold issues in your east Phoenix home, contact SERVPRO of East Phoenix at 602-507-6361 to get it handled quickly and professionally.

Phoenix Homes Benefit from the Mold Cleanup All Year

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

Living in a drier climate like Phoenix would lead many homeowners to believe mold is seldom an issue to worry about. Homeowners may also think that if they do spot a little mold in their home, it’s easy enough to simply research a bit and then try to remove the mold without professional help. Unfortunately, that would be a mistake that could end up causing more damage.  Regardless of the climate, homes benefit from mold cleanup all year, and its best to call the professionals at SERVPRO of East Phoenix to handle any mold infestation you may have.

Mold can occur for a variety of reasons

If you spot mold in your home, it doesn’t mean your house is less than clean, or you’re somehow to blame for having a mold infestation. Every home and business has mold... really! Mold spores are always in the air, indoors and out, awaiting the perfect conditions to activate and grow. Since mold is always present, it can be tricky to deal with when it becomes a problem. SERVPRO’s mold remediation specialists have advanced training in the life cycles of many types of mold and understand which molds need remediation. Understanding mold is the key to resolving a mold proliferation, which typically occurs with water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking water line.

How do you know you have a mold problem?

You know you have a mold problem when you smell an earthy, musty odor, which may indicate hidden mold behind drywall or under carpeting. Or you may see streaking and staining of surfaces. If you suspect there’s an issue, it’s a good idea to call a mold remediation company to come in and inspect your home. Mold comes in a variety of colors and textures. It slowly destroys homes, building structures, and personal belongings if not remediated by trained technicians. 

Why use SERVPRO of East Phoenix for mold remediation?

Trained SERVPRO technicians receive certification in remediation techniques and use these efficient protocols to almost rid your home of mold issues and ideally avoid future problems. Again, keep in mind that complete extermination and elimination of mold is not possible as mold spores are always present, all year long. During our wet monsoons might seem like the ideal time for mold issues, but the fact is, water issues of any kind, such as a plumbing leak, can cause mold infestation any time of year.

When you experience mold, our mold remediation pros to get to work immediately. The first task is to contain the mold. We use physical barriers like plastic sheeting when the mold outbreak is small. Negative air pressure machines arrive with us when larger colonies present. They filter the air and vent residues outside of living areas, ensuring that spores and other particulates do not circulate in your home’s atmosphere. Next, any porous surface permeated is removed for proper disposal. We apply professional-grade antimicrobials to the affected area and vacuum up debris using equipment with HEPA filtration systems. If needed, our crew replaces any building material removed with the mold, and paints, stains or otherwise finish the area to the way it did before the mold infestation.

We finish the job by addressing the cause

No mold remediation is complete until we find and arrange for the repair of the water source, causing the mold to grow in the first place. Plumbing or roof leaks are common reasons, but even high humidity encourages mold growth, which can often be the case during Arizona monsoons. SERVPRO of East Phoenix is your answer when the question is who offers quality mold remediation. Call (602) 507-6163 to schedule an inspection today. We handle mold cleanup all year long in Phoenix. Let us help you too!

12 Common Household Molds That Need Remediation

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of East Phoenix, we get a lot of calls for household mold remediation and we’ve seen it all. Mold takes on all kinds of colors and textures and they each have their own unique smells and bad effects, but did you know there 12 molds that are commonly found in households? We’re going to review these 12 molds so that when you find it, you will know what you’re dealing with.

1 - Acremonium

Our mold remediation specialists often find this common household mold in things within the home that hold moisture most of the time like draining pans, humidifiers and window sealants. It starts off small,l but evolves into a powder that comes in grey, white, orange, or pink. It has the reputation of being highly toxic and tends  to grow next to black mold and other kinds of molds.

2 - Alternaria

This sneaky household mold is the most common, usually found in places like the bathroom shower or bathtubs or sinks. It features a velvet-like texture and has brown or dark green hairs coming out of it. Many people don’t tolerate this mold so have a professional mold specialist come out and take care of it for you. it is noticed.

3 - Aspergillus

Here we have a mold that has 185 species that showcase all different kinds of colors. Aspergillus is one of the common household molds that creates thick layers on walls with their long spores that are flask-shaped. These spores are one of the reasons mold specialists in Phoenix must wear full gear and wrap all the furniture during mold removal process.The tiny spores will attach themselves to anything, anywhere quickly spreading all over and you won’t even know it until it is too late.

4 - Aureobasidium

You will find Aureobasidium mostly on wooden surfaces. We highly recommend professional remediation for this common mold the second you spot it growing as it has a bad reputation. It will be pink, brown or black in color and don’t even think about touching it.

5 - Chaetomium

This household mold will be found making a home where every there is a great deal of water damage. This musty smelling mold begins with a color of white or grey, but eventually turns black over time. It has a cotton like texture and should not be tolerated in any Phoenix household.

6 - Cladosporium

Cladosporium has generated a very bad reputation also, causing a lot of problems for a lot of people. It will be brown or army green colored and dons a texture that looks similar to  suede. This mold prefers to live in fabric materials within the home like carpeting.

7 -  Fusarium

Let’s face it, all these molds have a bad reputation and Fusarium is not any different. It’s the kind of nasty mold that grows on food and produces colors of pink, red or white. Well known to spread quickly so make sure to check what you eat because you don’t want to be a person scorned by mold from in your home.

8 - Mucor

With a name that sounds like a Pokemon character, this common mold grows in patches that are real thick in shades of white. We tend to find it a lot within the damp carpeting near air conditioning units. It has been said that exposure to Mucor could leave you with a lot of unpleasantness.

9 - Penicillium

This mold likes to stand out and be different with it’s blueish-green color. It has that soft velvet-like texture and will be found in water damaged things like a mattress or in the wallpaper. Penicillium has mold spores that have the ability to travel in the air all throughout the home, spreading uncontrollably and fast.

10 - Stachybotrys, AKA Black Mold

Stachybotrys, otherwise known as black mold is the bad boy of household molds. It’s slimy and has a real dark green or black color and it likes to grow in really damp places that have been holding some moisture for weeks. Black mold requires professional mold remediation by someone who is trained and certified.

11 - Trichoderma

Trichoderma is a fungi mold that comes in 5 species that like to live behind or under wet things and areas that have a build up of condensation like wallpaper, fabric or filters within air conditioners. Most of the subspecies are non-pathogenic, but be warned, some produce mycotoxins.

12 - Ulocladium

Lastly, we have Ulocladium which is often times confused with some other types of mold which is another reason to call an expert on mold remediation. It has a black appearance and you can find it any room that has severe water damage.or excessive condensation like a bathroom or even basements.

Mold becomes a nasty issue because it is so difficult to get rid of and if you don’t know what you are doing, it will only spread and usually pretty fast. Really take the time and research all the places in your Phoenix home where mold can or already started to grow.

Water Leak in Your Phoenix Home? You Need a Mold Inspection

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Wall in Phoenix home with mold behind it, due to a leaky pipe. A leaky pipe behind a wall in a Phoenix home went too long with out being addressed and caused a prime environment for mold growth.

The monsoons have been fairly mild this year, but that doesn’t mean what rain we did get didn’t cause damage. We’ve been getting a lot of calls from people who experienced water leaks in their home; some caused by the storms, some by broken pipes. Several of these calls are from Phoenicians that are out of town for the hot summer season and are only now discovering water leak issues as they return to their home for the cooler weather on the way. Fixing the leak and drying out the premises may not be enough. If that water stood for any length of time, you need a mold inspection.

Signs of Mold in Your Home

Even if the water damage was addressed fairly quickly, your home may still have mold. You may already suspect you have an issue. A musty smell and an overall feeling of dampness, even after the water leak was repaired, is a good sign you may have mold issues. If you suspect mold growth or have noticed a mold colony on your flooring or walls, we guarantee you have a mold problem! Whether it is from a recent flood or maybe a small leak, the problem needs to be addressed. SERVPRO of East Phoenix specializes in mold remediation.

The Mold Remediation Process

Keep in mind that mold is present everywhere:  indoors and outdoors. Services that claim “mold removal” services are misleading. What your Phoenix home needs is mold remediation, where specialists come in and detect mold, use variety of containment procedures to contain the mold to keep it from spreading any further, and then use anti-fungal and antimicrobial treatments to eliminate mold colonies and help prevent new colonies from forming. It may be necessary to remove mold-infested materials like drywall and carpeting to remediate heavy mold growth; our mold professionals will advise you on whether or not that’s necessary. It’s important to work with a professional who understand the mold remediation process and can address your unique situation to ensure you’re getting the issue resolved quickly and correctly.

Working with a Water and Mold Pro is important

If your Phoenix home has a water leak, big or small, stopping the leak is only half the battle. Work with a water and mold specialist like SERVPRO of East Phoenix who will come in and not only handle water damage repair and restoration, but do mold remediation to ensure you don’t experience any additional problems this monsoon storm season.

Early remediation helps prevent stubborn mold infestations. Call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163. We are available 24/7 to offer assistance and advice.

Can an Air Purifier Eliminate Mold Spores?

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth in East Phoenix home.

Using an air purifier to eliminate mold spores in your home can actually help. Mold and mildew can make for some pretty uncomfortable conditions in your Phoenix home and can also affect the value. Being one of the biggest investments, doing everything you can to preserve the value is key. Utilizing an air purifier or air filtration system can help you eliminate mold spores before they are able to spread.

Mold Can Grow Anywhere

Mold spores are microscopic and easily reproduce when they float on the currents of air. If you see a spot in your home that has mold growth, you can be sure that mold spores are constantly attempting to travel those air currents in order to grow elsewhere. Take a good look throughout your home and check for any mold growth. Look closely at places that have wet spots like bathrooms, kitchens, attics crawlspaces and garages.

Air Filtration Systems Catch Mold Spores

Stopping mold spores from spreading to other moist surfaces is ideal, making it easier to stop mold growth elsewhere. Not all air purifiers function the same, so when looking to purchase a new one, find one with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is made specifically to capture the microscopic mold spores, removing them from the air.

Some filtration systems work better on mold than others so when eliminating mold spores use the advances of technology available today. Some purifiers come with a sensor that will alert when mold is detected automatically starts catching the mold spores in the air. 

If you continue to see excessive mold growth in multiple areas of your home, it’s time to call in the mold experts at SERVPRO of East Phoenix. Available 24/7 for your mold emergencies, call 602-507-6163.

Does Black Mold Have to be Removed Professionally?

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Phoenix home owners and home buyers bewareblack mold is toxic and it does require being removed professionally. In fact black mold is normally referred to as toxic black mold, simply because it is extremely toxic to humans.

With the Phoenix monsoon season approaching, Stachybotrys chartarum, a type of toxic black mold, should be something you know about. The toxicity is due to the mycotoxins that Stachybotrys chartarum produces. The micotoxins are microscopic, so if you are not a mold remediation professional, the toxic black mold is very hard to completely eradicate in addition to being dangerous to your health. You'll want a fast response when it comes to toxic black mold remediation

Hire a Professional for Toxic Black Mold Removal

The mycotoxins can take many years for the human body to break down. In fact, they are known to have been found in the human body for up to 9 years after the initial exposure. Getting a professional mold remediation service provider in Phoenix if you think you have toxic black mold in your home is probably a good idea.

Toxic black mold mycotoxins can cause some very undesirable symptoms and health issues to those who breathe the air around it. Common health issues associated with toxic black mold include respiratory problems, fatigue, mental impairment, immune system suppression, skin inflammation and damage to the body’s internal organs.

A Professional Mold Remover Is Protected

What does toxic black mold look like? Well, it’s a gelatinous greenish-black substance with a very slimy texture. However, it can be dry and powdery too, should the water source be cut off from the toxic black mold's colony.

So the answer is pretty clear. Yes, if you find black mold in your home or a home you are looking to buy in Phoenix, get a professional mold inspector to address the issue effectively and promptly, like SERVPRO of East Phoenix and our certified techs who are available 24/7, with prompt response time. We will make it like it never even happened.

Author Chris Butas
SERVPRO of East Phoenix Project Manager

Chris Butas has been with SERVPRO of East Phoenix for more than 15 years as a Senior Estimator and Commercial Project Manager and is an industry authority on mold,  including toxic black mold. Chris is IICRC certified as a WRT in water damage restoration and has provided many mold remediation services leaving him with years of experience and undeniable skill.

Are You Making These Mold Damage Causing Mistakes in Phoenix?

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Mold can appear in many colors and gives off a musty odor. Contact our IICRC certified team should you see or smell mold in your home.

Humidity Can Cause Mold Damage in Your Phoenix Home

Winter months can bring humidity to cities that don't drop below 45° F, and that excess humidity can cause mold damage to form inside of the homes that are not adequately equipped to deal with it. Mold damage initially grows from mold spores that have been exposed to moisture. You may think the solution is to try and completely rid your home of mold spores, so the humidity levels do not matter. However, it is impossible. Mold spores are omnipresent. They are microscopic and impossible for the naked eye to see. Additionally, they are relatively harmless in their original home.

The best way to avoid mold damage in Phoenix from forming in your home is to ensure that the conditions it needs to grow are never present. However, accidents happen and it is not uncommon for mold to begin to grow right under a homeowner's nose. What is important is that you take steps to remedy the problem as soon as you discover the mold damage, instead of leaving the problem to only get worse. Mold damage should never be left to its own devices in your home, as it causes health effects in the individuals who live inside. Furthermore, mold can eat away at organic materials, such as the wooden framework of a house.

Calling a professional cleanup and restoration company, like SERVPRO, is the best thing that you can do for your home. Our IICRC-certified techs can get straight to work once we arrive at your home, and we always strive to get there quickly. After investigating the mold in your entryway, SERVPRO can determine that it is still relatively early in its development. Using come disinfectant and antifungal agents, we can spray-and-wipe the mold right off of your walls.

Afterward, SERVPRO can use advanced equipment like dehumidifiers to lower the overall humidity in your home so that mold doesn't begin to regrow immediately. For a final touch, we can use air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters to combat the musty odor mold damage causes. SERVPRO always aims to return your home to the state it was in before the damage began.

If you find musty mold damage inside of your home, get help as soon as possible. Use your phone and dial (602) 507-6163 to speak with a representative of SERVPRO of East Phoenix. Day or night, our techs are always available.

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Don't Let Mold Be A Liability Call The Experts At SERVPRO For Help In Tempe

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Business owners need to protect their properties from mold infestation, and certified mold cleanup professionals in Tempe can help.

Reduce Your Liability With Commercial Mold Cleanup Services In Tempe

Owners of office buildings in Tempe need to ensure that the spaces they rent to their tenants are continually maintained in suitable condition. Allowing damage to accumulate can lead to claims of problems related to such damage. Past claims have sometimes concluded with settlements or awards in the millions of dollars.

Business owners need to protect their properties from mold infestation, and certified mold cleanup professionals in Tempe can help. We can provide you with an experienced eye for what allows such problems to exist in the first place in your property, what makes the problem worse, and how to prevent it after we finish with remediation and mold cleanup.

Microorganisms like mold and mildew require moisture's presence. They naturally cannot grow without some form of humidity, water vapor, or water. We use thermal imaging cameras that instantly reveal any moisture held in walls and ceilings. Once located, we check each area with a moisture meter that shows the amount of moisture as a percentage.

We chart these findings for later use during cleanup procedures. Reasonable amounts for such materials are often located on a universal sheet or dry materials, giving us a range to work toward with our desiccant machines. When such materials exist in your building but not on the sheet, we note the moisture content of similar materials elsewhere in your property that do not hold any excess moisture.

While it is true that exposure to mold can cause health effects, these vary between individuals greatly. A licensed medical provider with experience in such health concerns requires an examination of anyone claiming health effects before making a diagnosis. However, our experts can provide you with guidance on how to discuss mold cleanup with your tenants and what they can do to help make sure the problem does not return as quickly. When necessary, we can work within your tenants' office spaces as discretely as possible. We understand that their business operations do best with as little interruption as possible.

SERVPRO of East Phoenix can help reduce your liability and address tenant concerns about microbial infestations. Our IICRC-certified employees have experience in performing mold cleanup in different settings and can get this completed for you quickly and efficiently. Contact us at (602) 507-6163 any day of the year, 24 hours a day.

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Ultimate Solution to Phoenix Mold Damage Remediation

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Team SERVPRO will investigate the cause of any mold damage in your home before remediation. Call us right away.

Proper Cleaning can Limit Mold Damage in Phoenix

Mold proliferation is more than just a visual nuisance because the fungi can eat into the affected surface, causing structural damages. When it develops in hidden spaces such as wall cavities, its musty smell affects the air quality of your Phoenix property. Depending on the material in the affected area, you can use various approaches to deal with the mold infestation before it goes out of control. Our professional remediation services can help you find a long-term solution to the problem you are facing.
Mold damage in Phoenix properties is severe if porous materials are affected. In those cases, the most likely solution is the replacement of the material since it is hard to eliminate the deeply penetrated hyphae. Replacement is also necessary if there are signs of rot. No matter how thorough cleanup is, it cannot restore structural integrity.
For nonporous surfaces or cases of light infestations, cleaning can help restore the affected areas to preloss condition. Since mold can also develop on items such as furniture, cleanup is part of the process even after removing some materials. Using the right chemical agents helps boost the effectiveness of the cleaning procedures. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect the affected area to determine which cleaning products to use.
If the infestation affects fabrics such as draperies or upholstery, cleaning them helps. Our SERVPRO technicians can use a bleach such as chlorine because it works effectively against mold. It also removes any stains caused by the infestation. We check the material first before remediation starts because chlorine can damage wool and silk. We also avoid it if there are rust stains on the material because it makes such stains set rather than removing them.
The selected cleaning product should be inexpensive and effective for different types of mold. Our SERVPRO technicians use phenolics on most surfaces. These are alcohol based agents that we dilute with water to clean mold residue from surfaces. We can also fog them to eliminate infestations in hidden spaces.
Early remediation helps prevent stubborn mold infestations. Call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163. We are available every day to offer assistance and advice.
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Why Mold Damage Needs to Get Addressed Quickly in Your Phoenix Home

9/9/2018 (Permalink)

When your home is in the midst of a mold infestation, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Understands How Crucial it is to Get a Mold Infestation in Your Home Under Control

There are plenty of disasters and unfortunate circumstances that could impact your Phoenix home without much warning. There are also many instances that develop over a period into something damaging and detrimental to the occupants of your house and its structural integrity. A great example of this would be fungal growth that develops over a brief period in various areas of your home.

There are many reasons why you have to take care of mold damages in Phoenix right away once they get discovered in your residence. The better that you can appreciate the threat that mold growth is to your home and its occupants, the more you can understand why professional remediation like our SERVPRO professionals provide can help you get things back to the way that they need to be.

One of the most pressing concerns about mold growth in your home is the potential health effects that an active colony presents to the occupants of the house. While these effects typically vary greatly, those with existing respiratory issues are often at a higher risk for developing conditions due to exposure with the colony growing and thriving.

Our SERVPRO professionals also have actively sought to limit the damage that these active colonies can do to the materials in your home. Drywall, wood, and other organic materials are ideal locations for spores to seat and thrive. Once this occurs, the colony begins to spread and degrade or erode these materials until they become unsalvageable.

You can help to identify these problems by ensuring that you are looking for warning signs that mold growth could occur or might already exist in areas of your home. Moist and persistently damp areas often provide the best conditions for mold spores to spread and grow. If you smell an unfamiliar musty odor in specific areas of your house, especially those that have battled with dampness issues in the past, this could be a telling sign that mold already exists out of your line of sight.

It might seem like mold is something that many families and properties must contend with throughout their lives, and you are correct. The critical thing is getting the situation resolved as quickly as possible with the rapid response of our SERVPRO of East Phoenix remediation technicians. We can help limit the damage that the materials in your home experience as well as work efficiently to reduce the present health risks from active colonization. Give us a call today at (602) 507-6163.

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Requirements For Mold Growth In Your Phoenix Home

7/26/2018 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your home should spring you into action towards locating a reputable and qualified professional remediation company.

Mold Growth In Your Home

Most Phoenix homeowners would agree that they would do whatever was necessary to keep harmful mold from growing in their houses. Unfortunately, with misinformation about how mold growth occurs and the preventative measures to take to avoid it, many houses struggle with keeping this presence from affecting their families.

There are no good varieties of mold that can grow inside of your home, and likewise, no type of growth that you can wait to remove from your house. The longer you wait for remediation, the worse the mold damages become in your Phoenix home until they have caused irreparable damage and potentially adversely affected the health of those who have gotten exposed to the growing colony.

Persistent moisture is one of the primary causes of mold growth in your home, and this is often the most challenging of the conditions to avoid. Many people are unaware of moisture-ridden areas of their home if they are not in high traffic areas and seen on a regular basis. Locating the source of this moisture is one of the top priorities of professional remediators on our SERVPRO team, as eliminating this food source can keep further colonization from occurring.

Organic materials are another requirement for mold growth to occur, but these can readily get found in modern construction. Even in homes built decades ago, wood framing was a primary component to the design. The colony feeds and thrives on materials like wood and drywall, eroding these areas as the colony spreads. Microbial growth that has persisted for an extended period often requires specific materials to get removed entirely and replaced rather than to salvage them with mold removal and restoration techniques.

Finding mold in your home should spring you into action towards locating a reputable and qualified professional remediation company. Our SERVPRO of East Phoenix applied microbial remediation technicians have extensive training and expertise combatting all varieties of mold that affect homes and commercial properties. Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (602) 507-6163.

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Mold Damage Technicians In Phoenix Discuss Remediation Inside Attics

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

If you have mold damage inside your Phoenix home's attic, the microbes can contaminate your ventilation system.

Mold Damage Technicians

Even though Phoenix does not receive much rain compared to other places, having a leaky roof on your house can still cause problems. If there is a leak in the roof, water can get into your attic and damage structural components. Attics naturally have a higher relative humidity and air temperature than the livable area of the house, creating an ideal environment for microbial growth.

If more moisture gets into your attic from the roof, fungi can develop on the inside of the plywood that forms the roof. If you have mold damage inside your Phoenix home's attic, the microbes can contaminate your ventilation system. Once inside the air ducts, spores can travel throughout the building.

Once fungi get noticed inside the attic, specific procedures can be taken to remediate the problem. To start, any air intakes or holes that go into the living area get sealed off with plastic. Plastic is put on the bottom part of the trusses to prevent dust from contaminating the ceiling insulation. The access doors get sealed with plastic, and a zipper is installed to allow entrance.

In most situations, the contaminated wood inside the attic can only be removed by sanding down the material's surface. Our SERVPRO technicians get equipped with full face mask respirators and personal protective gear including suits that cover their entire body for protection during the remediation process. Air scrubbers get put inside the attic to pull particles out of the air during the sanding stage.

When sanding the affected materials, our IICRC certified crews always follow officially approved procedures and abide by all government rules and regulations. Automatic sanders with a vacuum hose attached to them get used to sand down the wood. The vacuum helps keep dust to a minimum by sucking up the air in the work area and putting it through a HEPA filter.

After sanding is complete, the HEPA vac gets used to clean up any leftover debris or dust particles. Then the attic gets sprayed down with an anti-microbial chemical to prevent future growth. In severe cases, a sealant paint gets sprayed inside the attic to inhibit fungi from developing in the future. If you ever notice microbial contamination in your attic, call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163 24/7.

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What SERVPRO Handles for Mold Damage in Phoenix Carpets

3/11/2018 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your carpet can cause much alarm. Contact SERVPRO to investigate the cause and restore the damaged items.

Mold Damage Happens in Many Stages Before Turning into a Full Infestation

Carpets consistently rank as one of the most common materials and places for a home in Phoenix to get mold damage, and for a good reason. Mold takes well to the twisting fibers, organic makeup, and trapped nutrients found in ample supply even in brand-new carpeting. With just the slightest bit of added water, a colony can begin to grow and rapidly expand across the floor.
When SERVPRO technicians deal with mold in carpets, replacement is standard, as many cases may grow to irreversible stages before you ever get a chance to call us. However, there are some things we can do.

Rapid Drying
If you manage to spot the mold damage in your Phoenix home early on in its development, we may be able to stop any further problems by responding quickly and eliminating any water sources feeding the fungus. All varieties of mold require water to grow and thrive, and we can effectively stymie their spread by removing all excess moisture from the area. Depending on the circumstances, we may opt for fast, quick-drying industrial solutions for more significant water problems, or more reserved and less risky dehumidifiers and other tools that make a less drastic impact.

Limited Cleaning Solutions
Depending on the type of mold and carpeting involved, we may be able to apply any of several cleaning measures to the material in an attempt to sanitize the area and eliminate visible signs of growth. However, these treatments are typically only used when mold presence is minimal, and the materials are minimally contaminated.

Selective Replacement
If the infestation is reserved for only a small portion of the room's carpeting, we may be able to remove and replace that section alone without upending any other part of the room. We take care to match color, material, and style with an extensive catalog of materials to make the replacement patch appear seamless.

SERVPRO of East Phoenix handles all mold damage calls with care, professionalism, and quality customer service. Call us 24/7 at (602) 507-6163.
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Things You Should Know About Mold Damage to Your Phoenix Home

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold spores can remain dormant for a long period of time, becoming active with the right conditions of moisture and nutrients.

SERVPRO Keeps Your Home Clean and Safe with Mold Remediation Services

Finding mold growth in your home is never a good sign. It may cause health effects, and you should act fast to remediate it as soon as possible. While cleaning it up is certainly not a DIY job, professionals can help you to get mold damage under control in no time.

When you spot mold in your Phoenix home, the first thing to do is to make sure that you contact professionals. Trying to clean mold by yourself can make the spores airborne and spread the contamination. SERVPRO professionals have the necessary expertise and experience to clean up mold damage safely and efficiently. Knowing the basics about mold can help you tackle mold damage better and also prevent it from spreading to unaffected areas.

Structure of the Mold

Mold starts out as a tiny, microscopic spore that is airborne. The spore is just like a seed that can remain dormant and viable for long periods of time. However, when it finds the right conditions of moisture and nutrients, it can germinate and produce colonies that we see as mold growths.

Spores have a filamentous structure called hyphae that they use as roots to anchor them to the surface and absorb nutrients and moisture. The hyphae also help the mold to spread across the surface.

As moisture is the most important factor causing the spores to germinate, it is essential that the moisture content of your home is under control. Inspect areas such as attics, bathrooms, and crawlspaces for signs of mold and call SERVPRO professionals as soon as you spot them.

Call in the Experts 

Mold is notoriously fast to spread. Ignoring the damage is never a good choice to make. SERVPRO professionals can help you to clean up the damage before the situation gets out of hand. Our technicians follow EPA approved protocols and work by IICRC recommended best practices.

Call SERVPRO of East Phoenix today at (602) 507-6163 to talk to our mold experts and discuss your needs.  

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Causes Of Mold Damage In Phoenix

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

All it takes for mold to proliferate is moisture, and not a large amount is necessary.

Causes Of Mold

Living in a drier climate does not mean that your Phoenix home is completely safe from a mold infestation. You may be amazed to know how many areas of your desert home are damp and could provide the perfect environment for a mold outbreak. We are here with proven remediation strategies if you suspect mold does grow in your dwelling.

Mold spores are your constant companion even if you do not notice them because they are so small. They are outdoors in our climate as well and may hitch a ride inside on your shoes, clothing, or a pet. All it takes for mold to proliferate is moisture, and not a large amount is necessary.

If you fail to wipe up spills around your pet’s water bowl or over water your houseplants, mold can take up residence just on the strength of a few drops of water. If you have a tiny leak in a pipe under a sink or the drain under your refrigerator is plugged, mold may grow. Poorly draining gutters can send water inside your walls during the monsoon season where it then incubates microbial growth. Missing or malfunctioning kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans or dryer venting can allow moist air to build up in areas and feed a mold colony.

It may be surprising to note that the air conditioning you depend on to keep you cool and comfortable in Arizona may contribute to a mold problem. If working properly, an air conditioner reduces the humidity in your home as one of the ways it cools. Sometimes an AC unit too large for your square footage does not run long enough to reduce the moisture inside. Other times the coils or drains may become dirty and clogged, holding enough residual water to encourage mold growth.

SERVPRO mold remediation technicians receive advanced training that outlines the hidden places moisture collects in any home, regardless of the outdoor climate, and we can remediate a mold outbreak wherever it presents. The team assigned contains the infestation, using physical barriers or negative pressure air scrubbers, while removing the moldy material. We then advise you on the source of the water and help eliminate it.

Fast action to remediate mold is a specialty of SERVPRO of East Phoenix, and we follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) protocols to abate any colonies you have in your home. Call us at (602) 507-6163 for a consultation.

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Help Prevent Mold Damage In Phoenix By Reducing Moisture

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

Phoenix Wall with Mold Stains Needs Remediation from SERVPRO

Check for Leaks and Excess Humidity to Reduce the Chances of a Mold Infestation

Homeowners who have access to the internet have most likely heard about mold damage by now. Mold spores get regular mentions on sites and blogs all around the internet, and with good reason. Fungus looks unsightly and can also damage your Phoenix home or even cause health effects. It is not possible to completely remove all mold from a house because the spores are microscopic and can easily travel from place to place. However, it is possible to lessen opportunities for mold damage.
One thing you can do today to reduce the risk of mold damage in your Phoenix home is decrease moisture throughout your house. The fungus needs both moisture and a food source to grow. That is why colonies often grow in the dampest places in your home, such as the bathroom, laundry room, or basement. Without moisture, there is simply no mold. The fungus needs damp conditions to grow, which is why SERVPRO recommends you do all you can to reduce damp throughout your house.
Regular use of dehumidifiers helps minimise the moisture in the air in your home. Dehumidifiers draw water droplets out of the atmosphere, which contributes to drier conditions and less water for mold to use for growth.
Proper ventilation is necessary, especially in damp areas or places where fungi tend to grow. Open windows regularly to ventilate stuffy or damp rooms.
Leaks, drips, or patches of damp seeping into walls or ceilings all provide the moisture mold needs for proliferation. Get leaking pipes or faucets or patches of damp in your basement or laundry room fixed as soon as you can.
SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians are on hand to help with mold remediation and moisture reduction in your home. We clean all visible mold colonies and establish containment so we can vent contaminated air from your home. We are also equipped with dehumidifiers to improve conditions indoors, and our teams come with moisture meters and probes so we can do a thorough assessment of the situation and alert you to any hidden damp patches.
Do not let fungus damage your home in Phoenix, Tempe, Arcadia and the surround areas. Call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163 today for assistance.

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Mold Damage Affecting the Attic of Your Phoenix Area Home

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Mold Penicillium Is Beneficial--For Mold Infestations in Your Phoenix Home--Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Inspects and Remediates MoldProblems Professionally

Attic mold can lead to a variety of problems that simply get out of control. For most of you, there could be a nasty little surprise waiting that can cause severe health concerns for you and your family.
Your Phoenix area home is just as susceptible to mold damage as any other home. Like everyone else, your attic is likely the last place you think about when discussing mold on your property. However, many homes experience attic mold, which is why you should have your attic inspected by a mold remediation specialist before you find out about things the hard way.
SERVPRO has expertly trained mold remediation technicians with years of experience tackling mold damage situations throughout a home. There are a variety of areas in your home where mold can get out of hand. However, problems with mold in your attic can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your home and have a severe impact on your families living environment.
A leaky roof gives water access to untreated materials used to construct your home. Mold contamination affects your framing, insulation, walls, ceiling, and floors, often going unnoticed until everything gets way out of hand. Contacting SERVPRO at the first signs of mold contamination in your home gives you the ability to catch things early and prevent excessive damages.  
Improperly installed or insufficient insulation and inadequate attic ventilation play a huge role in the severity of mold conditions found in your home. SERVPRO technicians perform a full inspection of your attic space to point problems like these out and provide you with a solution to rectify issues that already exist.  
We also look for dryer, plumbing, kitchen, or bathroom fans that vent into the attic, water heater or furnaces with improper ventilation and problems caused by weather conditions throughout the area. You are in good hands with our IICRC certified technicians; we have access to a variety of equipment and years of experience helping homeowners just like you.
Contact SERVPRO of East Phoenix for additional information or to schedule your inspection, today. We can help. (602) 507-6163

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What does it matter if I dry a water loss or not?

10/14/2016 (Permalink)

In the 90’s Mold became the Cause Celeb, especially that strain of “Black” Mold, Stachybotrys, that struck fear in the hearts of thousands of Americans. Even though that hysteria has passed, it is no joking matter to have mold growing in your home. It is true that mold spores are everywhere, but for mold to grow you have to have two things: 1) food; and 2) water. There is very little you can do to remove all “food” sources in a house, but you can eliminate the water factor. When you have a water loss, it is incredibly important to completely dry the area affected so mold will not grow. If you call SERVPRO® of Phoenix at 480-503-2090 , we will make sure your house is dry.