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Minimizing Damage to Your Office After a Flood

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Monsoons and plumbing issues are two notorious ways office buildings experience water damage. If your business experiences a significant water issue such as a burst pipe, the first step most business owners make is to do whatever is needed to stop the water. This keeps damage at a minimum, which is a wise move, but here are a few more tips to minimize damage to your office after a flood.

Move any items that can be impacted by water

If there are rugs or carpets in the flooded area that you can pick up, remove them as quickly as possible. You may want to take them outside and drape them over something sturdy to let the water drain out and dry faster. Water can do a substantial amount of damage in a short amount of time, especially to items that have color or dyes of any kind. Small items should all be picked up and moved. Most things can hang to dry and won't suffer much from water damage if addressed quickly. If any items that are perishable in nature are flooded, it’s best to simply dispose of the item to prevent the risk of contamination. This includes food or anything that is quickly impacted by water. Don’t take a chance by trying to salvage these; it’s not worth it.

Get as much water up as you can until help arrives

Once the floor is clear, you can focus on getting up some of the standing water until SERVPRO arrives. Towels or a mop may be enough to get the mess under control, or you may want to use a shop vacuum if your building maintenance person happens to have one. While the SERVPRO water remediation team will be able to help with water cleanup, the sooner you can remove standing water, the better, until professionals arrive with equipment appropriate to extract all water from the office.

Prop up furniture and other larger unmovable items

Some larger items impacted by water may not be able to get moved out of the water impacted area by the business owner. If that’s the case, there are still steps you can take to minimize the damage. Use aluminum foil or small wooded blocks to raise furniture up off wet floors (or whatever is available in your office or office building), especially if it's carpeted to minimize damage. By doing this, you're protecting your furniture from prolonged water exposure and possibly reducing the risk of discoloration of carpeting. Whatever you can do to get larger pieces as much out of standing water as possible will help. Wipe down any wood furnishing that has become damp to potentially minimize warping.

Water damage in an office is always unexpected. Act fast to stop the water flow, then call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at 602-507-6163 to help with water remediation. We’re available 24/7 to help with any water emergency you may have and will respond quickly to your call. These few activities while you wait for help to arrive can make a difference in keeping damage to a minimum.

The Damage You May Miss After a Monsoon Storm

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Phoenix experienced a fairly substantial monsoon season this year, with a torrential amount of rain dropped in a short period of time. Most homeowners will do a cursory review of their property following such big storms; if no damage is found, the storm is soon forgotten. Unfortunately, not all damage shows up right away, and going undetected can cause serious issues.

Damage after a storm

Storm-related flood damage happens to homes every year in Arizona. Once the storm is over, the effects can be mild, like soggy area rugs, to minor issues such as leaky windowsills, to devastating such as a loss of walls and floors. Since these are easily spotted, it makes sense to call remediation specialists like SERVPRO of East Phoenix who are ready with a highly trained team of technicians and years of experience to restore each home to its original condition. While some items can be addressed on your own (soggy area rugs) more substantial damage should be addressed by a professional.

The damage you may miss after a storm

Since the rain comes down so quickly and in significant volume, it’s challenging for the ground around our homes to absorb all of the water. Pair with that the heavy rains and high winds that can cause damage to our roofs, and you can see why monsoons can cause so much damage. Unfortunately, sometimes that damage is difficult to see. Perhaps just enough water seeped into your roof through a small crack to slowly accumulate behind a wall. It may not be enough to see if it doesn’t seep through to your ceiling or outside wall with those telltale brown spots or a pungent, musty odor that indicates mold growth. If left untreated, those small leaks can cause big problems that are harder to address.

Detecting unseen issues caused by storms

Telltale signs of water damage in attics and ceilings might be the brown water spots that appear on ceilings or walls. You might also see bubbling of paint or bulging of drywall. Another sign of unseen damage is odor. Mold growth over time can cause a musty odor even before you see any kind of mold growth. All of these indicate a problem that needs to be addressed immediately; ideally provided by a storm remediation specialist. Don’t try to address what appears to be a surface mold growth issue, as the cause of the mold growth needs to be addressed, not just the surface growth.

Contact SERVPRO to address storm issues

By the time you spot damage that has been protracted, chances are the situation has been there for a bit of time and needs professional attention. That is why it is so important to call SERVPRO immediately at the first sign of a problem. Not only can we address the damage or mold growth, but we’ll also identify the areas of weakness can address those as well to prevent future damage. At SERVPRO of East Phoenix, we can return your home to its original condition and help you prevent as much of the damage as possible. If you want to reduce monsoon storm damage in your home in the future, call us today at (602) 507-6163 to schedule an inspection and get the damage remediated.

Handling Water Damage in Your Home

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage should always be taken seriously, even if the amount of water doesn’t seem substantial. Even if your home experiences a minor leak from a leaky faucet or broken pipes, water has a way of spreading into walls, floors, and other hidden areas, causing unseen damage such as mold and mildew. To ensure the damage doesn’t spread, trust a water damage expert to get your home back to new. While you wait for help to arrive, below are some helpful tips to help contain the damage until help arrives from SERVPRO.

Shut off the water source

Safety should always come first. If the water is coming from a pipe, turning off the main water source is imperative since mold can start growing within hours. Depending on where the damage occurs, turn off the electricity as well to reduce risks.

Check for mold and mildew

The main issue resulting from water damage is the growth of mildew and mold. This happens frequently if water has been allowed to sit for a while. These spores quickly grow and spread, even to areas in the home that aren’t affected by the water. If left unchecked, it can create more serious issues down the road that could result in having to replace drywall and other items. Even if unseen, if you detect a musty smell, you likely have mold, and it needs to be addressed.

Eliminate the moisture

Water mitigation is an essential part of getting your home back to normal. Along with removing excess water, use fans and dehumidifiers to circulate the air and assist with evaporation. However, if you have visible mold, you should refrain from the use of fans to avoid further spread. SERVPRO water remediation specialists have commercial fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to get the job done.

Remove impacted materials

Water can shrink and warp porous materials like drywall. All affected carpeting, insulation, fabrics, paper, drywall, and other items should be removed from the area. Along with helping the damaged area dry out, removing these items could potentially save them from having to be disposed of if done quickly. Other times, it may have to be disposed of. Our professionals can advise if materials such as wood flooring or baseboards can be saved.

Disinfect to stop mold growth and odors

Once items have been removed and the damaged area is dry, it’s time for some deep cleaning. Any hard surfaces that were touched by water should be disinfected. This will help reduce the chances of mold spreading and odors permeating your home.

Dealing with water damage is tedious, but not addressing early it will make it a much bigger job. While these steps can help reduce the spread of damage, calling the professionals at SERVPRO of East Phoenix can make it “Like it never even happened.” If you experience water damage, contact us at 602-507-6163.

Small House Fires Can Bring Big Hassles

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

There really is no such thing as a minor house fire, is there? Any time a fire ignites inside a home, many things inside can get damaged. Even if the amount of items that get burned is minor, significant fire loss can still occur. Even the smallest burns can force your property to suffer a fire loss, including soot, smoke, and odors.

Smoke damage in your home

When anything burns, some substances are released into the air, even if the item doesn’t completely burn, or does so for only a brief period of time. Particles that do not combust entirely and get released into a building can cause smoke damage to your home even if the blaze is small. Smoke can quickly spread throughout your home. When smoke comes into contact with cooler surfaces, the partially combusted particles can transform back into a solid form. Once this happens, soot residue and other soils can appear visible on the surfaces of your walls and other building materials as well as the contents that are present inside your house. The result can be quite messy! SERVPRO of East Phoenix technicians are IICRC certified and experienced in dealing with smoke and fire damage situations. We know that even a small burn that takes place inside your kitchen can cause damage. We are trained at finding even the most imperceptible damage that could cause you problems in the future.

Odors caused by fires

Smoke not only causes residues to exist on the surface of items inside your home, but it can also penetrate materials and cause unpleasant aromas to exist. Smoke can seep deep into porous materials and cause them to put out unpleasant smells into your house's airflow system. Our crews at SERVPRO can utilize certain methods and chemicals that will help extinguish such foul odors long after the flames are gone.

Soot residue after a fire

Soot residue can be one of the most frustrating situations to deal with after a fire. Even if the flame was small and the fire was extinguished quickly, depending on the materials, a substantial amount of soot damage can remain behind. If not handled correctly, trying to clean up soot can cause more of a mess than the soot itself! Our fire remediation specialists are trained to deal with soot residue and ensure every last trace of it is gone by the time we leave.

If you ever have a problem after a small house fire, call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163 any time of the day or night. We know how to deal with smoked damage, odor removal and soot cleanup to get your home back to the way it was prior to your house fire.

SERVPRO Can Help Recover from a Flooded Kitchen

3/21/2022 (Permalink)

Modern kitchen appliances make everyday life easier.... until they break and cause water damage in your home. When your kitchen suffers water damage from a broken dishwasher, faucet, or garbage disposal, water can quickly spread to other areas of your property. It’s important to act fast to stop water from spreading, remove the water, and address damage as quickly as possible.

Call in water remediation specialists

It’s tempting to grab the mop and lots of towels and try to address the water damage yourself. However, there’s a risk that water has already seeped into walls, floors and behind cabinets, so it’s best to call in water remediation specialists. SERVPRO technicians use their IICRC training to get address water damage. Water can damage carpeting and padding, the floorboards underneath, and create odors that you find highly unpleasant. Prevent further damage, including mold and odors, by getting professional help with water damage.

How SERVPRO can help with a flooded kitchen

Our team starts with a thorough inspection to locate all sources of water and then tracks that water down. While water may have originated from a broken dishwasher, the moisture can easily spread to walls and other areas, so our technicians diligently search out all moisture for removal and remediation. Evaporation also plays a role in how water causes damage to the materials inside your home. Our technicians receive training on how to use various pieces of equipment that pinpoint not only where moisture exists, but also how much moisture materials contain. This is vital to restoring your home. Our drying equipment includes air movers that increase the air circulation at an extremely high rate and pull dampness off surfaces; this forces additional moisture to move closer to the surface for removal. Our machines remove water vapor from the air as it passes through the device, continually extracting moisture from the air. Drier air can more easily absorb water vapor from damp materials than saturated air. Different style heaters come into use to help increase the rate of evaporation of water from materials. Our goal is to get everything as dry as possible to stop further damage and prevent mold growth or odors from forming.

Call the pros when your kitchen floods

If you experience water damage in your kitchen, contact us immediately for help. SERVPRO technicians can mitigate the damage. We always treat your home in a professional manner, just like we would want others to handle our own dwellings. You can trust SERVPRO of East Phoenix to take care of water damage might affect your home's interior. Contact us at (602) 507-6163 so we can assist you in restoring your home.

Businesses Need to Be Prepared for Monsoon Damage

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

Our weather here in the Valley of the Sun will soon be experiencing some significant monsoon storms, which will come and go for the next few months, leaving people all over the Valley in need of recovery from storm damages. The monsoon storms bring dust, wind, rain, and dust. Homeowners who have lived through a few of these know the drill: batten down the hatches by putting away lawn furniture, tying down items that may otherwise blow, laying down pool umbrellas, and living with a less than a pristine pool for a few months. Businesses would do well to do some preparation as well.

The damage a monsoon can cause and how to prepare

While businesses may not have to worry about lawn furniture blowing into the pool, there are some risks of damage. Dust can be a nuisance, especially when it rolls in like one giant wall called a haboob. Haboobs generally appear with rushes of winds known as microbursts. These microbursts are extraordinarily strong and move quickly through the Valley, leaving behind properties with damage that require storm damage repairs. Though many dangers that come with the monsoon season are obvious, commercial properties are at risk from storm damages and even fire damages. Taking precautions now, before the storms begin could save you costly damages and overall hassle dealing with the aftermath of a monsoon. First, put a stop to any airflow within the building by closing all doors, windows, and air vents. Be sure that anything that can move outside is secured somehow or put it someplace where the winds can’t blow them somewhere else. Businesses often have a-frames or seating areas that can take flight during a storm. Even signage such as vinyl banners needs to be secured.

Once a storm has come through, look for damage

Many businesses lose power after a storm. While waiting for power to be restored, it’s a good idea to check for damages such as flooded floors, cracked windows or roof leaks. Some of these damages may not appear for a few days as water seeps in, so be diligent for the first few days after a storm. Keep in mind that even the smallest amount of water unchecked can lead to mold damage or odors. At SERVPRO of East Phoenix, we get all kinds of calls regarding the damages from the storms to local businesses. Commercial property owners continue to come to SERVPRO of East Phoenix for storm damage restorations and more. Our techs are certified and skilled always ready to help with any mitigation, remediation, abatement, cleanup, and reconstruction services your commercial building needs. Available 24/7 for immediate emergency service, give us a call if you experience any storm damages this upcoming monsoon season at 602-507-6163.

Use Water Remediation Specialists for Flooding in Your Home

3/12/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage can be very frustrating, and you need to remove it promptly. While sometimes the amount of water damage appears minimal, it’s always a good idea to have a water remediation specialist come out to ensure you don’t have more hidden water damage behind walls that can cause further damage down the road. Ensuring your house is completely dry is key to preventing additional damage from occurring.

How SERVPRO can help

Water damage issues can be deceiving. Accidently let that bathtub overflow? You grab a mop and think the job is done, but what if water has seeped undetected behind walls and cabinets? You may have tried to contain this problem on your own and quickly found out how frustrating that can be if you start noticing a musty smell, a sure sign of mold growth. That’s why it’s best to contact SERVPRO of East Phoenix water remediation specialists. At SERVPRO, we use air moving equipment because of its effectiveness. The air movement equipment increases evaporation primarily by creating airflow on the surface level, forcing the moisture into the air and capturing it with dehumidifiers. This process is not only safe and reliable but also pretty fast. You need professional service to ensure your premises is cleared of any issues after a flood.

Why removing water is harder than you think

One of the primary reasons why water removal is so difficult is the lack of reliable extraction equipment. Naturally, the first step to cleaning is removing water from your floors. While you may have a wet/dry shop vac to do the job, extractors from SERVPRO included wet-vacs, portable pumps, and truck-mounted equipment for large volume extraction. With various options for equipment, our techs can get the job done to prevent further damage such as mold growth from undetected moisture left behind.

SERVPRO of East Phoenix is your best choice when it comes to flooding in your home. With our qualified staff, you can rest easy knowing your home is well cared for. Call us today at (602) 507-6163 and let us take care of your water removal needs.

Use Trained Remediation Specialists If You Experience a Disaster

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

No one expects a fire, flood, or mold infestation in their home. When it happens, homeowners can be at a loss regarding what they should do and who they should contact to help with cleanup and remediation. Learn why it’s important to use trained remediation specialists if you experience a disaster in your home.

Having a process is crucial to do the job correctly

Working with trained specialists such as SERVPRO of East Phoenix is important to ensure all proper steps are taken to stop further damage from happening, remediate the situation, and begin the restoration process. Having a tried and true restoration process in place, such as a specified water restoration process, ensures that efforts are done methodically, thoroughly, professionally and effectively. SERVPRO has an identified restoration process for water, fire, smoke, and storm damage. Our trained technicians will walk you through this process, so you know exactly what’s going to happen and what to expect.

Training makes all the difference for a positive outcome

SERVPRO has a highly trained team with a number of restoration training certifications to ensure you’re getting the professional help you need when disaster strikes. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility to regular IICRC industry certifications, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. Our training program includes the following:

  • IICRC Training
  • Employee Certification Training
  • Initial Franchise Training
  • e-Learnings
  • Continuing Education Classes

Our Professionals study IICRC standards and best practices in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses.

Trained and trusted professionals will have testimonials to prove their worth

We’ve always found that word-of-mouth referrals makes up a good portion of our business, and with good reason. We have a lot of thrilled customers who came to us for help during stressful times in their lives. Knowing who to call and to have a positive outcome after disaster strikes is what makes SERVPRO customers use us again and again and share their praises with others. Read our customer testimonials to see why people refer us and how important working with trained professionals really is.

If you experience any kind of disaster in your home, call the trained professionals at SERVPRO of East Phoenix right away. We’re here 24/7 to help, so don’t hesitate to call us at 602-507-6163. Keep our information on hand so you’re always prepared!

Can Remodeling Lead to Water Damage in Your Home?

3/5/2022 (Permalink)

Remodeling can be an exciting upgrade for your home, especially if you’re updating an old bathroom to enhance the look of your house. Unfortunately, sometimes even experienced plumbers make mistakes that result in water damage in unexpected places. A bathroom update that results in leaking or poor drainage requires professional help to rectify the situation and prevent further damage. SERVPRO technicians receive training to detect where the water intrudes as well as how to return your home to preloss condition.

What remodeling errors can cause water damage

Water damage after a remodeling of your bathroom is a frustrating outcome. Situations such as a decision to use a diverter spout to add a handheld shower in your classic tiled bath area cause a blowback issue resulting in water spraying inside your wall as well as through the showerhead. Even a small amount of blowback results in significant harm over time. Errors large and small can cause damage to your home. Our technicians help pinpoint the problem and develop a plan to restore the damage. Sometimes a desire to retain the character of the original bathroom drives the decision to add to existing plumbing rather than tear out and replace. Unfortunately, the older pipes need help to connect with modern fixtures. If the connections added, fail to seal and balance water pressure correctly, leakage occurs.

How SERVPRO can help

SERVPRO locates the problem and takes steps to dry out the wet areas. Many bathrooms have a large access panel in an adjacent room, closet, or hallway that we can open to find the leak and then keep open to direct air flow that removes the moisture more efficiently. We work with plumbing contractors to resolve a blowback problem as we dry out the area behind the bathtub and shower. We also follow the path of the water to discover any migrating moisture causing damage to the walls or ceilings below. Older homes often have plaster construction which sheds water more easily than drywall. SERVPRO water damage technicians still develop drying goals to avoid secondary damage like mold growth or disintegration.

Removing moisture after water damage

Air movers, augmented with dehumidifiers, do a thorough job of removing the moisture once the spout is re-installed with proper taping, caulking, or other safeguards preventing further water damage. Bubbled paint or staining restore to the pre-leak condition when touched-up after drying is complete. Our technicians know it’s critical to find and stop the leak, remove the moisture, and ensure no further damage occurs to get your house back to normal.

SERVPRO can help with water damage issues

Do not despair if a remodeling project takes an unexpected turn. SERVPRO of East Phoenix has the staff, experience, and equipment to get things back on track. Call for an appointment at (602) 507-6163.

What to Do if Your Office Building is Infested with Mold

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

There’s a lot to consider when owning an office building. The possibility of a mold infestation is not usually top of mind for commercial building owners since our climate typically isn’t considered conducive to a mold threat. Unfortunately, mold infestation does happen to home and office buildings alike, for many reasons. Learn more about mold infestation and what to do if it strikes your place of business.

Office buildings can experience mold growth

While in general Phoenix has a drier climate and is less conducive to excessive mold growth, commercial mold damage can happen in any Phoenix business if there are enough moisture present and a source of food such as most building materials. Even a small amount of moisture that enters a building after a substantial rain or flood can quickly turn into a mold infestation if not properly addressed, which is where SERVPRO of East Phoenix can help.

Tackling mold damage in commercial buildings

Removing mold growth from a building means SERVPRO’s restoration team must find and eliminate the source of a mold. The only way to prevent further growth and eliminate the threat of future mold infestations is to remove every trace of mold spores the team can find. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, as mold spores are actually present everywhere, all the time. The challenge is to keep growth and infestation from happening and causing damage. SERVPRO technicians start with finding the moisture that allowed the first spores to expand and grow. Eliminating that pushes the mold to return to an inactive state because again, mold spores are everywhere, so total elimination of spores won’t happen. Inactive mold spores also stop growing across or into surfaces, which stops damage from getting worse and prevents new damage to ceilings, walls, and floors. For any building material already infiltrated by mold, the most cost-effective method is to dispose of it. Drywall is often difficult to clean and digging mold out of it quickly compromises the structural integrity. SERVPRO will make the assessment and inform the building owner before any actions to remove materials are made.

After infested materials are removed

After removing all damaged material, our technicians spray the interior of the building with an anti-fungal agent to eliminate the spores as much as possible. After it dries, technicians will then wipe everything down to remove the now dead spores. If the odor has become an issue because of mold infestation, they will address any lingering musty odors that were a result of mold growth so that your commercial building returns to pre- mold infestation conditions. As experts in deodorization, SERVPRO of East Phoenix is trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors.

Let SERVPRO help with office mold issues

While it is impossible to eliminate all mold, SERVPRO of East Phoenix can help you remediate damage to your business and prevent growth in the future, as well as resulting odors. If you suspect a problem in your facility, call us today at (602) 507-6163.