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12 Common Household Molds That Need Remediation

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of East Phoenix, we get a lot of calls for household mold remediation and we’ve seen it all. Mold takes on all kinds of colors and textures and they each have their own unique smells and bad effects, but did you know there 12 molds that are commonly found in households? We’re going to review these 12 molds so that when you find it, you will know what you’re dealing with.

1 - Acremonium

Our mold remediation specialists often find this common household mold in things within the home that hold moisture most of the time like draining pans, humidifiers and window sealants. It starts off small,l but evolves into a powder that comes in grey, white, orange, or pink. It has the reputation of being highly toxic and tends  to grow next to black mold and other kinds of molds.

2 - Alternaria

This sneaky household mold is the most common, usually found in places like the bathroom shower or bathtubs or sinks. It features a velvet-like texture and has brown or dark green hairs coming out of it. Many people don’t tolerate this mold so have a professional mold specialist come out and take care of it for you. it is noticed.

3 - Aspergillus

Here we have a mold that has 185 species that showcase all different kinds of colors. Aspergillus is one of the common household molds that creates thick layers on walls with their long spores that are flask-shaped. These spores are one of the reasons mold specialists in Phoenix must wear full gear and wrap all the furniture during mold removal process.The tiny spores will attach themselves to anything, anywhere quickly spreading all over and you won’t even know it until it is too late.

4 - Aureobasidium

You will find Aureobasidium mostly on wooden surfaces. We highly recommend professional remediation for this common mold the second you spot it growing as it has a bad reputation. It will be pink, brown or black in color and don’t even think about touching it.

5 - Chaetomium

This household mold will be found making a home where every there is a great deal of water damage. This musty smelling mold begins with a color of white or grey, but eventually turns black over time. It has a cotton like texture and should not be tolerated in any Phoenix household.

6 - Cladosporium

Cladosporium has generated a very bad reputation also, causing a lot of problems for a lot of people. It will be brown or army green colored and dons a texture that looks similar to  suede. This mold prefers to live in fabric materials within the home like carpeting.

7 -  Fusarium

Let’s face it, all these molds have a bad reputation and Fusarium is not any different. It’s the kind of nasty mold that grows on food and produces colors of pink, red or white. Well known to spread quickly so make sure to check what you eat because you don’t want to be a person scorned by mold from in your home.

8 - Mucor

With a name that sounds like a Pokemon character, this common mold grows in patches that are real thick in shades of white. We tend to find it a lot within the damp carpeting near air conditioning units. It has been said that exposure to Mucor could leave you with a lot of unpleasantness.

9 - Penicillium

This mold likes to stand out and be different with it’s blueish-green color. It has that soft velvet-like texture and will be found in water damaged things like a mattress or in the wallpaper. Penicillium has mold spores that have the ability to travel in the air all throughout the home, spreading uncontrollably and fast.

10 - Stachybotrys, AKA Black Mold

Stachybotrys, otherwise known as black mold is the bad boy of household molds. It’s slimy and has a real dark green or black color and it likes to grow in really damp places that have been holding some moisture for weeks. Black mold requires professional mold remediation by someone who is trained and certified.

11 - Trichoderma

Trichoderma is a fungi mold that comes in 5 species that like to live behind or under wet things and areas that have a build up of condensation like wallpaper, fabric or filters within air conditioners. Most of the subspecies are non-pathogenic, but be warned, some produce mycotoxins.

12 - Ulocladium

Lastly, we have Ulocladium which is often times confused with some other types of mold which is another reason to call an expert on mold remediation. It has a black appearance and you can find it any room that has severe water damage.or excessive condensation like a bathroom or even basements.

Mold becomes a nasty issue because it is so difficult to get rid of and if you don’t know what you are doing, it will only spread and usually pretty fast. Really take the time and research all the places in your Phoenix home where mold can or already started to grow.

Plumbing is 45% of Emrgency Water Damage Claims

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

It’s a beautiful sunny day outside in Phoenix and the birds are singing, yet there you are filing an emergency water damage claim due to a flood from your bathroom. Well, you’re in good company because close to half of all water damage claims are because of a plumbing situation. There are precautions you can take in order to avoid this unfortunate event, which seems to always occur at the most inconvenient time, but even then, life happens along with bursting pipes and sewage backups.

Avoiding Emergency Water Cleanup

It’s important to know the condition of your plumbing system; age, size of the pipes and when the last time it had been worked on or maintained. A lot of water damage cleanup can be avoided with simple maintenance. Many plumbing issues come from old piping that begins to leak suddenly or maybe the leak has been going for a while, hidden behind a wall. 

“When PVC piping ages, it turns a yellowish color and becomes brittle and cracks.” says Chris Butas, the Senior Estimator and Commercial Project Manager at SERVPRO of East Phoenix. “With copper plumbing, little fine holes will start spraying a mist, often unknowingly behind a wall for long periods of time. These leaks are bad, because not only do have water damage, but now you’re going to need mold remediation and removal also.”

Emergency Water Damage Signs

There are some warning signals that can alert you that there may be a plumbing leak behind a wall or within a crawlspace. When you hear a banging or some knocking from the plumbing system, that’s an indication that something isn’t working right and should be addressed to avoid things like water damage and mold growth. Mysterious new water stains that appear from no where or low water pressure are also good indicators that there’s a leak somewhere.

Being on point with regular plumbing maintenance and replacing any parts that need updating is key to preventing any water damage caused by a plumbing disaster like a leak or worse, a sewage backup. 

A qualified professional in the field can identify system signals and warnings before they even happen. Many commercial property and home owners have their plumber do regular maintenance for this very reason. Others install a sump pump or a digital warning system when trying to avoid any emergency water cleanup..

Inconvenient leaks can and do still happen, so if and when it does shut off the water completely and call for help. Fungus like mildew and mold will begin to form in as little as 24 hours which requires a mold specialist to remediate and eliminate any spreading to other parts of the property.

Check your insurance policy to make sure it covers water damage mitigation and even mold remediation. All too often homeowners and other property owners find that they don’t have coverage for water repairs after it is too late.

Emergency Water Cleanup Company

If you do experience the unfortunate event of flooding caused by a plumbing issue, SERVPRO of East Phoenix is stellar at communicating with different insurance companies. With immediate response and 24/7 emergency help, you can trust that our well trained water or mold techs will get the job done thoroughly and effectively. Call 480-503-2090 when you encounter a breakdown in the plumbing system.

Water Leak in Your Phoenix Home? You Need a Mold Inspection

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Wall in Phoenix home with mold behind it, due to a leaky pipe. A leaky pipe behind a wall in a Phoenix home went too long with out being addressed and caused a prime environment for mold growth.

The monsoons have been fairly mild this year, but that doesn’t mean what rain we did get didn’t cause damage. We’ve been getting a lot of calls from people who experienced water leaks in their home; some caused by the storms, some by broken pipes. Several of these calls are from Phoenicians that are out of town for the hot summer season and are only now discovering water leak issues as they return to their home for the cooler weather on the way. Fixing the leak and drying out the premises may not be enough. If that water stood for any length of time, you need a mold inspection.

Signs of Mold in Your Home

Even if the water damage was addressed fairly quickly, your home may still have mold. You may already suspect you have an issue. A musty smell and an overall feeling of dampness, even after the water leak was repaired, is a good sign you may have mold issues. If you suspect mold growth or have noticed a mold colony on your flooring or walls, we guarantee you have a mold problem! Whether it is from a recent flood or maybe a small leak, the problem needs to be addressed. SERVPRO of East Phoenix specializes in mold remediation.

The Mold Remediation Process

Keep in mind that mold is present everywhere:  indoors and outdoors. Services that claim “mold removal” services are misleading. What your Phoenix home needs is mold remediation, where specialists come in and detect mold, use variety of containment procedures to contain the mold to keep it from spreading any further, and then use anti-fungal and antimicrobial treatments to eliminate mold colonies and help prevent new colonies from forming. It may be necessary to remove mold-infested materials like drywall and carpeting to remediate heavy mold growth; our mold professionals will advise you on whether or not that’s necessary. It’s important to work with a professional who understand the mold remediation process and can address your unique situation to ensure you’re getting the issue resolved quickly and correctly.

Working with a Water and Mold Pro is important

If your Phoenix home has a water leak, big or small, stopping the leak is only half the battle. Work with a water and mold specialist like SERVPRO of East Phoenix who will come in and not only handle water damage repair and restoration, but do mold remediation to ensure you don’t experience any additional problems this monsoon storm season.

Early remediation helps prevent stubborn mold infestations. Call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163. We are available 24/7 to offer assistance and advice.

Document Water Damage Restoration Phoenix, Arizona

8/30/2019 (Permalink)

Photo showing files showing water damages in a commercial property. Water Damaged Documents from a business in Phoenix, AZ.

It’s an unfortunate event, but one of the worst things that can happen to a company is when the commercial property suffers a flood due to a busted pipe or worse, a sewage overflow. Many companies, like those that had no emergency response plan beforehand, succumb to the water damages and never resume business again. One major reason is not just the damages caused to the structural elements and furnishings, but the water damage that affects sensitive documents, files and other paper products.  Water invades paper quickly and damages start immediately and continue to do even more damage until some appropriate action is taken.

At SERVPRO of East Phoenix, our master-certified, highly trained technicians understand that timing is everything when it comes to restoring water damaged documents successfully. Available 24/7 every day of the year, our technicians come with years of experience using the state of the art equipment and advanced technology.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Restoring documents that have been compromised by water damages is a delicate process and at SERVPRO of East Phoenix, we use our own innovative vacuum freeze-drying system and for water damaged documents that need restoration due to a sewage backup, we use a process that involves irradiation technology ensure complete sterilization.

As full service document restoration company in Phoenix, Arizona, we provide all that you need, like drying, cleaning, and disinfecting the documents. We also offer rejacketing and digitizing sensitive files,documents and photos to ensure you have a secure backup moving forward.

Once your water damaged documents have been restored to their preloss condition, we offer to digitize those documents so that moving forward, you will always have a secure backup. Not only will you be playing it smarter, imagine all the more storage and space you will be saving.

We highly recommend implementing an emergency response plan to rely on should your business encounter a flood or any other kind of disaster. Although, even the best emergency response plans don’t guarantee a complete water damage free environment when a disaster such as a flood occur and our technicians know all too well having seen it many times. Utilizing advanced techniques and state of the art equipment, we’ll be sure to have your business back up and running in little time.

Phoenix Restoration Services for Water Damages

Give us a call if you experience and emergency disaster requiring document restoration or any other restorations. Available 24/7 call 602-507-6163.

Emergency Commercial Water Damage Restoration, Phoenix, Az

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

Image of a Commercial Property in Phoenix, Arizona suffering from Water Damage. Water Damages to a Commercial Property in Phoenix, Az

When you need immediate emergency water damage restorations for your commercial property, response time makes all the difference. Moisture continues to soak into structural elements along with all the water compromising documents, equipment, and inventory making every second count. 

Immediate action is necessary and SERVPRO of East Phoenix understands this and provides faster response time so that mitigation can begin as soon as possible. Standing water within your commercial building begins to create mold which rapidly multiplies after more than 24 to 48 hours, which then requires commercial mold remediation as soon as possible.

Finding an emergency water damage restoration company in Phoenix, Az is as simple as reaching out to SERVPRO of East Phoenix. Our bright green service trucks come with high capacity submersible commercial pumps and water extractors that are able to pump hundreds of gallons of water from any size commercial property faster and effectively. All our service trucks come stocked with air movers and dehumidifiers along with effective EPA disinfectants and cleaners. 

Commercial Property Water Damage Experts

Our IICRC certified technicians are trained experts, ready to tackle any commercial water damage issues in Phoenix, Az. SERVPRO of East Phoenix adheres to a proactive approach to ensure your property damage will be addressed professionally, effectively and fast!

SERVPRO of East Phoenix understands that removing water fast is key to preserving your commercial property. 

Many times commercial property water damage repairs will include demolition and reconstruction and SERVPRO of East Phoenix has you covered. Jason Temple, our Construction Superintendent/Recon Manager runs a great crew ready to provide emergency reconstruction services to any commercial property after water damage.

Feel you have too big of a job? No way! With our nationwide network of SERVPRO franchises there is plenty of manpower and equipment to conquer any water damages. When needed, we all come together to make sure your commercial water damage is thoroughly taken care of in less time

Emergency Water Damage Restoration for Businesses

SERVPRO of East Phoenix takes pride in being Faster to Any Size Disaster, so if and when your commercial property requires emergency water damage repairs, call us at 602-507-6163 any time of any day, all year round.

Author, Chris Butas

Senior Estimator / Commercial Project Manager
SERVPRO of East Phoenix

As a trusted IICRC certified WRT, Chris is an authority in the commercial water damage industry.  Proudly providing water damage restoration services with SERVPRO of East Phoenix for over 25 years, Chris also has many years of experience prior to becoming a valuable member of our team.  

Top 5 Things To Do Before Storm Damages in Phoenix, Arizona

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

Local Storm Damages in Phoenix, Arizona

The Monsoon storms will leave behind plenty of local storm damages so preparing your home or commercial property beforehand makes perfect sense. The microbursts tends to uproot trees of any size and carry outside furniture and play equipment down to another neighborhood. So, SERVPRO of East Phoenix has come up with the top things you can do to save your property from the monsoon local storm damages.

1- Secure your Trees to Prevent Storm Damages

One of the most common hazards that occurs during a monsoon storm is the uprooting of trees along with heavy branches being ripped off and flown all around. Not only can this cause more damages to your property, but it can also cause some serious danger power lines are affected.

Be sure that all your smaller or newly-planted trees are double-staked down loosely. You want them loose enough to give enough room for the tree to bend with the gusty winds, but secure enough to prevent them from being ripped out of the ground or broken off by the powerful winds. You should also trim the more mature trees to eliminate the branches that are thinner so that the limbs will have less weight.

2- Before any Storm Damages, Check all Windows and Doors

Go through home or commercial property and inspect all the windows and doors for any spaces or gaps where water and dirt can get in through. If you see any space within the frames where the seal is, it’s time to replace that weather stripping. Be meticulous because even the smallest amount of water will come in and cause mold which can spread around and will require professional mold remediation and removal.

Replacing the weather stripping will also prevent the dust from getting inside and settling on all the furniture, floors and carpet.

3 - More Storm Damages with Bad Roofing

Get up there on the roof and look for any loose shingles or tiles prior to the local monsoon storms coming and causing any damages. In fact, this should be done regularly throughout the monsoon season. Those monsoon winds often displace shingles and tiles which leave the property vulnerable to the storm elements that could cause even more damages.

4 - Drainage Patterns and Storm Damages

In the past, have you ever noticed any issues with the drainage patterns which causes all the water to collect into pools? If you have, get that professionally addressed before the storms come. For homes, flood damage is not covered by the standard home owner’s policy, so protecting your investment from any potential water damages is obviously in your best interest.

5 - Make Room in the Garage Before the Monsoon Storms

So, if you are one of those people who uses their garage as a storage unit, packed full of things that leave virtually no room to park a bicycle, let alone a vehicle then this one’s for you! Leaving unsecured items outside of your property leaves everyone at risk. The monsoon winds can be extremely powerful, capable of picking up objects from our out of the ground, carrying them somewhere else.

Just make sure to clear away enough space in your garage to put bicycles and whatever else you may have unsecured on your property, like patio furniture or pool toys.

If microbursts can uproot large trees, knock down brick walls, and carry trampolines down the street then they can easily swipe your furniture and other items, potentially causing even more local storm damage.

Storm Damage Restoration Professionals in Phoenix, Arizona 

So, there you have it, the top 5  things to do before the monsoon storms cause damage to your Phoenix, Arizona property. However, life still happens, and their will still be some flooding and storm damages each year. That is why SERVPRO of East Phoenix is here. Available 24/7/365 for any emergency disaster! Just call 602-507-6163

Our technicians are highly skilled, well-trained and certified and are here to help if you experience any local storm damages during this monsoon season.


Chris Butas
Senior Estimator / Commercial Project Manager
SERVPRO of East Phoenix

Chris is our authority in storm damage restorations for both residential and commercial properties. He is IICRC certified as a WRT (Water Damage Restoration Technician) and has been in the industry for more than 25 years, with the last 15 at SERVPRO of East Phoenix.

Can an Air Purifier Eliminate Mold Spores?

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth in East Phoenix home.

Using an air purifier to eliminate mold spores in your home can actually help. Mold and mildew can make for some pretty uncomfortable conditions in your Phoenix home and can also affect the value. Being one of the biggest investments, doing everything you can to preserve the value is key. Utilizing an air purifier or air filtration system can help you eliminate mold spores before they are able to spread.

Mold Can Grow Anywhere

Mold spores are microscopic and easily reproduce when they float on the currents of air. If you see a spot in your home that has mold growth, you can be sure that mold spores are constantly attempting to travel those air currents in order to grow elsewhere. Take a good look throughout your home and check for any mold growth. Look closely at places that have wet spots like bathrooms, kitchens, attics crawlspaces and garages.

Air Filtration Systems Catch Mold Spores

Stopping mold spores from spreading to other moist surfaces is ideal, making it easier to stop mold growth elsewhere. Not all air purifiers function the same, so when looking to purchase a new one, find one with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is made specifically to capture the microscopic mold spores, removing them from the air.

Some filtration systems work better on mold than others so when eliminating mold spores use the advances of technology available today. Some purifiers come with a sensor that will alert when mold is detected automatically starts catching the mold spores in the air. 

If you continue to see excessive mold growth in multiple areas of your home, it’s time to call in the mold experts at SERVPRO of East Phoenix. Available 24/7 for your mold emergencies, call 602-507-6163.

When Can I Resume My Business After a Flood?

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Flood Damages in Phoenix

After a commercial flood has left your building with water damage, one of the first nagging questions will be, when can I resume business? Ultimately it depends on the severity of the water damage, but your local Phoenix restoration cleanup company will let you know. Most have a process in place that they go through in order to make the property safe again. But not all the stages in this process are safe for your return.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

The water damage cleanup stage is not a safe time for you to return. Typically the flood water becomes contaminated with nasty bacteria leaving behind a dangerous health hazard. During this stage it’s better if all employees and employers stay away.

Commercial Demolition and Reconstruction After Flood Damages

After a flood damage, there may be some reconstruction required which starts with demolition. This is where any part of the property affected by the flood is removed which includes any drywall, carpeting, insulation and furniture. This stage is not safe for business to resume yet.

Sterilization of Commercial Building

The sterilization stage of the property starts with a deep scrub and disinfecting all throughout the property’s affected areas. To make sure it is all sanitized, this sage includes the use of some strong cleaning chemicals, which also makes it unsafe for business to resume.

Reconstruction to Commercial Property After Flood

During the reconstruction stage after a commercial flood, it may be safe enough to resume business, but there will be some challenges. This stage has the rebuilding and replacing of all the property and items that were compromised during the flood and demolition.

Flood Damage Restoration for Commercial Properties

Flood waters often get contaminated by bacteria making it very unsafe for humans to be around. It’s always in your best interest to call a Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration company like SERVPRO of East Phoenix

Storm Damage - What to do before Adjuster Arrives

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damages in Phoenix, Az

Though the monsoon storms are a little late this year, there’s no doubt that they will hit several Phoenix, Az areas, leaving behind some severe storm damages to homes and commercial properties.

Storm Damages in Phoenix, Az

Though you may already have flood or storm insurance, deducing the amount of damage to your home or commercial property will favor you in the end. It’s no surprise that insurance adjusters are busy come monsoon season, so being prepared prior to their arrival will save the both of you time and headaches.

Documenting Damage from Storm 

Assuming that your first call was to your insurance company, your second call should be to your local storm damage restoration company, like SERVPRO of East Phoenix. Storm damage companies understand the process well and will help guide you through the process, letting you know what to expect.

Calling your damage restoration company second will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. You’ll receive an initial assessment of storm damages
  2. There will be less time between initial damage and water extraction, preventing further damages
  3. You’ll have an itemized list of everything damaged by the storm, which you will need for the insurance claim
  4. You’ll have photos of any of noted damages, which will help improve your ability to get the claim accepted

Storm Damage Assistance

Any monsoon season leaves adjusters overwhelmed which may compromise their time and ability to get to you quickly. By preparing prior to their arrival with the storm damage documentation, along with having contacted the storm damage cleanup company, your adjuster will have an easier time getting things done and will be happier about doing them.

Storm and flood damage restoration companies are ready for an emergency situation all the time, so the chances of them getting to you quicker than the adjuster are high.

If you want to improve your chances of getting your claim accepted even more, take some video of the property affected by the storm and collect any receipts for damaged items, if you have them available. Video is especially important if it has been a few days between when the storm hit and the restoration process because by then, mold may have started growing. Now you’ll need to have mold remediation and removal.

Storm Damage Experts

SERVPRO of East Phoenix is the leader in the storm damage restoration industry that you know and trust. We take the services we provide very seriously and our customers are important always important to us. Diligently up-to-date with the training and certificates, our techs are not only skilled and experienced, but they have a lot of compassion.

Available for storm damage emergencies 24/7, SERVPRO of East Phoenix responds Faster to Any Size Disaster! Call 602-507-6163 if you experience any flood or storm damages this monsoon season.

Commercial Buildings - Top Reasons for Water Damages

6/30/2019 (Permalink)

Having to deal with water damages in your commercial building because of a common reason can be a nightmare, especially when ceasing productivity to close it down is necessary for the water damage repairs and restorations.

However, fortunately SERVPRO of East Phoenix in Az is the water damage and cleanup company you can trust and depend on to help repair any and all water damages within your commercial building while restoring business assets that have been compromised.

Prevent Common Water Damages in Commercial Property

The plumbing systems in commercial properties carry large quantities of water to and from the building on a daily basis leaving the property more susceptible to water damages. When a pipe bursts, the flooding will come and cause all kinds of damages. 

Improper disposal of paper products within a commercial building is very common and happens to be one of the main causes of water damage caused by a sewer or toilet backup that requires a nasty sewage cleanup. This requires immediate action from your trusted water repair company.

Fire sprinklers are necessary when keeping up-to-date with the local Phoenix Fire Code, but if the sprinklers go off due to a malfunction within the system, they sure can cause some costly water damages. Be sure to regularly have the sprinkler system inspected and maintained by a professional in order to prevent this issue from happening.

A business owner shouldn’t have to find water damages in their commercial building for any of these reasons, but it still happens. SERVPRO of East Phoenix is available 24/7 for immediate emergency response for any and all water damages in your Phoenix commercial building. Call 602-386-4268.