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Our IICRC Certified Professionals Are Prepared To Handle Your Phoenix Flood Damage

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our IICRC Certified Professionals Are Prepared To Handle Your Phoenix Flood Damage Flash floods can dump high volumes of water into basements. We have the equipment to remove the contaminated black stormwater.

Flooding from Monsoon Season in the Greater Phoenix Area

The monsoon season through Phoenix provides much of the minimal rainfall that the area receives on an annual basis, though this short period in the year can also bring about violent storms that can compromise the structural integrity of many homes throughout the region. Once trees have fallen into roofs or through windows, or Spanish tile or shingles have gotten removed with high winds, vulnerabilities exist for runoff and monsoon rainfall to exploit.

As a team that has been proudly serving the Phoenix area for many years, we have considerable experience with flood damage relief that can result during certain points of the year. We have a team of professionals that stays ready to handle these emergencies and even the combined efforts of multiple brands and their IICRC-certified technicians and collective equipment that can help us to address large loss incidents that occur in the area with some of the larger square footage properties that exist throughout the city.

We have multiple contractors licensed through the state of Arizona that can respond alongside our rapid response team in the event of an emergency. These experienced professionals can work to provide temporary repairs for roofing and exposed areas like broken windows to prevent floodwater and direct rainfall from penetrating unabated. With these temporary repairs in place, our SERVPRO technicians can get to work on the necessary mitigation that can keep costs lower for our customers and reduce restoration time.

We understand that often the damage has already occurred to the inside of a home by the time that our contractors have addressed the vulnerabilities to the construction. We can work quickly to address the standing water or the saturation of exposed elements to prevent the need for demolition and reconstruction when possible.

Throughout monsoon season in Arizona, many homeowners have to prepare for the unpredictability of potentially violent storms that can leave their property facing flood damages. Our SERVPRO of East Phoenix team can respond quickly to help with emergency repairs and effective mitigation solutions. Give our team a call anytime at (602) 507-6163.

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Phoenix Flooding, Fast Service, Less Damage--Call SERVPRO

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Phoenix Flooding, Fast Service, Less Damage--Call SERVPRO SERVPRO Mitigates Flash Flooding Damage to Phoenix Properties

Speed Helps SERVPRO Restore Flash Flood Damage to Phoenix Homes

Flash flood damage in Phoenix can take anyone by surprise, even those who have lived in the city for decades. Every year, tens to thousands of homeowners across Arizona suffer the effects of flash flooding in their homes and struggle to restore and rebuild after a catastrophe. While there is little you can do to be prepared for a flash flood, especially during monsoon season when strong winds can be present, aside from some fundamental measures such as keeping a waterproof emergency supplies bin, there are ways you can help mitigate damage to your home after the disaster. The most critical step is to call a professional damage mitigation company like SERVPRO that can react to problems as they arise in the hours after the flood and dry out your home before the worst damage can set in.

The start of most of our flash flood damage restorations in Phoenix involves removing water from the premises. In many cases, we need to use motorized water extraction pumps to remove standing water from the property. However, if no standing water remains by the time we arrive or after we pump out any water we find, we must also set up the complete drying process in as little time as possible to reduce the chance of extra complications such as mold growth and degradation of materials from developing.

During followings days or weeks that follow we finish drying your home to completion while moving on to the restorative part of our work. Through advanced cleaning and repair methods developed through decades of experience, we can restore your home back to the way it looked, felt, and smelled before the disaster happened, whenever possible. "Like it never even happened." View examples of our work by checking out some of the before and after photos, we post to our website and social media.

SERVPRO of East Phoenix provides fast and professional care for your home and belongings after a flash flood. Call us as soon as possible after the disaster at (602) 507-6163.

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We Have Your Back When A Flood Takes Over Your Arcadia Home!

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage We Have Your Back When A Flood Takes Over Your Arcadia Home! Finding the right professional assistance to overcome flood damage to your Arcadia home might feel more complicated than it is.

Contending With Unexpected Flooding In Arcadia Homes

With the remnants of Hurricane Rosa passing through Arcadia last month, many homes and businesses are still working to recover from the traumatic situation. While many homes did not become as severely damaged as others in the storm’s path, our franchise has responded to and continues to respond to many properties working to dry out the damage and contend with other effects that have developed over the past several weeks.

Finding the right professional assistance to overcome flood damage to your Arcadia home might feel more complicated than it is. Instead of scouring the internet for ratings and reviews of every service, consider some of the facts about what makes SERVPRO a choice that many others in the area continue to make when disaster strikes. This decision begins with our commitment that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. No matter when an emergency occurs, we have the personnel and the equipment to respond quickly and help you to safeguard the things that matter most in your property.

Another attribute that sets our franchise apart from some of the competition is the experience and education of our trained technicians. At our SERVPRO franchise, our water restoration specialists undergo unique training to obtain their IICRC certifications and have continual educational opportunities to make them top performers in the restoration industry.

The equipment that we have in our Green Fleet has gotten designed to minimize our impact on your life as we strive to make the restoration and mitigation portions of our service to our customers as efficiently as possible. We have gas-powered and truck-mounted pumps capable of extracting water from affected areas at a force of 300 psi. Flood-damaged properties that require mold remediation have the full weight of our applied microbial remediation technician staff available to help resolve this situation promptly to prevent further spread and potential health effects.

While many homes throughout the area are still striving to recover from the flooding that the remnants of Rosa brought to our doorstep, our SERVPRO of East Phoenix response team has continued to help properties throughout the area restore their homes to preloss conditions. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (602) 507-6163.

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You Will Thank Us - Some Tips About Flood Damage in an Arcadia Home You Need to Know

10/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage You Will Thank Us - Some Tips About Flood Damage in an Arcadia Home You Need to Know Regardless of how your home flooded, contact SERVPRO to remove the water and remediate the damage.

Strategies to Prevent Flood Damage in Arcadia

You cannot control the rain, storm, hurricane, tsunami, or any weather in general. Flood damage comes at an unexpected time. If you are unprepared for the situation, this catastrophe can leave you with very costly damages and depreciation of your real estate value. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to prevent further damages from escalating any further.
Flood damage in the Arcadia location can be reduced to a minimum if you take these preventative steps. You can elevate the building, seal the building, block water from entering the yard, use materials that cannot be affected by water, and elevate your place. Elevation provides the best protection from flood damage. It is kind of like relocating your house to an area that is safe from flood damage. When you raise the structure of your house, it can reduce the aftermath of the flood. You can also use panels as closures for flood protection. After all, most floodproofing systems have multiple openings that require watertight procedures during the flood event. Through these various ideas and strategies, you can significantly reduce flood damage by a lot.
If flood damage has already occurred, then it is best to call in the experts. SERVPRO technicians can come in and inspect the area. They can use water removal procedures such as the mitigation process to get rid of any standing water from the flood. They can measure the moisture content in the air for proper drying procedures. After they have completed the water removal process, they can use deodorizing and anti-microbial tools to get rid of odor-causing residuals. The SERVPRO techs can help salvage any belongings, appliance, structures, or items to prevent costly repairs and replacements. They can also educate you further on tips to prevent flood damage so you would not have to experience a significant crisis in the future.
If you are ready to get rid of flood damages, then give SERVPRO of East Phoenix a call at (602) 507-6163, and we can promptly send our reliable technician to your establishment.

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Flood Damage Dirties Up Exterior Areas Of Phoenix Homes

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Dirties Up Exterior Areas Of Phoenix Homes Flooding in Phoenix that leaves homes suffering from flood damage often needs mitigation of the exterior areas.

Flood Damage To Your Home

The exterior aspects of your Phoenix home also require cleanup after flooding. Debris ranging from bags and other litter to branches, leaves, and larger pieces of plant matter can end up on your lawn, strewn across your landscaped areas, and even create serious safety hazards.

Flooding in Phoenix that leaves homes suffering from flood damage often needs mitigation of the exterior areas. SERVPRO technicians can properly mitigate the interior areas of your home, as well as those on the exterior, including making sure that debris no longer remains behind as an eyesore, and the sides of your home are washed clean of residue. We can also mitigate flood damage that affects your outbuildings, particularly garages and sheds by inspecting them and cleaning up any damage found.

While the mitigation of your dwelling's interior affects your family the most, we also understand that hazards outside of your home can keep your family from enjoying time outdoors. We can help you resolve these concerns by cleaning up the area and making it beautiful and hazard-free again.
Pieces of broken glass, shards of splintered wood, piles of debris that the water pushed into corners and other such situations can seem interesting to young children who might not understand the dangers associated with these new-found items. Removing them, as well as any other hazards can restore safety to your yard for your children.

Garages and sheds where you store your tools and seasonal vehicles can retain moisture just like the interior elements of your home. We can dry these areas out and clean up any silt or other debris, so things become more orderly and less of a mess. Doing this as soon as possible can keep your tools from rusting. This protective measure is just as important for less expensive items like shovels as it is for more expensive saws, grinders, and other power tools.

SERVPRO of East Phoenix's IICRC-certified technicians are always ready to help homeowners in Arcadia, Biltmore, and Tempe restore their homes after flood damage and other disasters ruin their property. Call our 24-hour emergency services line at (602) 507-6163 to receive the services your home needs to make everything safe again for your family.

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Clogged Gutters Can Allow Flooding In Your Phoenix Residence

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Clogged Gutters Can Allow Flooding In Your Phoenix Residence Throughout the changing of the seasons every year, home might find itself waging war against debris, leaves and other blockages to your gutter system.

Clogged Gutters Can Allow Flooding

Throughout the changing of the seasons every year, your Phoenix home might find itself waging war against debris, leaves and other blockages to your gutter system. This critical network of water diversion works to send runoff from your roof to areas away from your house's vulnerable foundation. When this system fails or does not work as it should, the results could be dire.

The gutters surrounding the eaves of your Phoenix home exist to help prevent instances of flood damage from occurring. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not even know about a problem with this network of channeling until it is malfunctioning and causing a backflow or overflow situation to arise. When you find this water making its way into your house, it is time to call in some professionals who can help you handle this situation as efficiently as possible.

From the moment that our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, we work to assess what needs to happen to seal up penetration points in the blockwork. Often the application of hydraulic cement can prevent water from continuing through and allow for extraction and drying to occur successfully.

Depending on the severity of the flooding inside of your house, our SERVPRO professionals might only need to use portable pumps to remove the water. Larger quantities might require the use of pump trucks from our fleet of vehicles.

Drying is one of the most essential components to flood damage restoration. Lack of proper drying can lead to further weakening of construction materials in your home, can allow for more water penetration in the immediate future, and can also allow for unfortunate damages like mold growth to occur in this affected area.

A clogged or damaged gutter system cannot divert the water away from your home, and it eventually allows it to pool by the foundation and force its way inside. When you contend with a situation like that, reach out to our experienced SERVPRO of East Phoenix team of restoration specialists. We can help you remove the water and bring your home back to the way that it should be. Give us a call anytime at (602) 507-6163.

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Protecting Families from the Dangers of Flood Damage in Phoenix

6/11/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Protecting Families from the Dangers of Flood Damage in Phoenix Flooding in your home during a storm can create many potential hazard situations. Stay safe and contact SERVPRO to dry out your property.

SERVPRO Technicians Make Sure That Safety Standards are Followed When Remediating Flooding

Phoenix homes generally provide a high level of safety and protection from the elements and unwanted entities to those living in them. Once damaging conditions arise, previously safe conditions can change drastically and swing toward riskier ones developing inside the house.
Homeowners can prevent many types of problems with regular maintenance of their homes and its contents, but flood damage in Phoenix can create a crisis no matter how much care a home receives. SERVPRO employees receive extensive training in restoration methods so we can effectively mitigate any amount of damage your home sustains from a flooding event. This includes eliminating the risks created by the filthy water that invaded your home.
Soils carried into homes during a flood often contain chemicals, organic matter, pathogens, and other problem-causing elements. After we pump out any standing water remaining in your home, we can manually extract the debris. Along with the process of drying out your home until it reaches its usual level of humidity again, cleaning surfaces and disposing of damaged materials and other items, we eliminate much of the risk related to pathogens and trace chemicals.
Other risks come from the water itself. Secondary water damage can affect your home in different manners. Microbial colonization can happen quite quickly, and often does, immediately after a flood. SERVPRO technicians use hygrometers to locate elevated moisture pockets within a home, which we then eliminate. Flooding almost always ruins carpeting beyond repair, and we remove this as soon as we can extract it and the padding. Their absence makes it easier to dry out your home. Flooring underneath dries out much more rapidly, meaning flooring suffers less as we can better control any warping, cracking, and other significant changes caused by swelling.
Electrical hazards can seem less important after the water no longer covers your home's floors, but the risk remains. Corrosion of wires can make them unable to safely function. Risk of fire from electrical system deficits greatly increases after saturation by moisture. We partner with specialists such as licensed electricians who work with us on a regular basis, helping us fully complete the restoration work needed to get your family back home after such a disaster.
SERVPRO of East Phoenix can help your family return home and live in a safe and secure environment, "Like it never even happened." Professional mitigation of flood damage makes this possible in a fast and efficient manner. Contact our emergency hotline, (602) 507-6163, at any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year.

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What Puts Desert Homes at Risk of Flood Damage in Phoenix?

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Puts Desert Homes at Risk of Flood Damage in Phoenix? Flooded areas can quickly bring water into your home. Should your property suffer from a flooding incident, contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

Team SERVPRO is Standing By in the Event of Storms and Flooding in Your Area

While the desert may be hot and dry for most of the year, homes in Phoenix can experience flood damage from storms and natural disasters on rare occasions. Sometimes, these floods may result from a massive rainstorm and flash flood that can affect an entire neighborhood or community at once. In other cases, only a single unfortunate home may be the victim of a disaster. Many factors contribute to our community's relatively high risk of flood damage for how little rainfall it receives, ranging from the makeup of the desert itself to how we base our lives on that environment.

The most substantial contributing factor to the prevalence of flood damage in Phoenix and surrounding communities is the nature of the soil. Most of the Sonoran Desert naturally contains a soil composition that is high in clay and has a low tolerance for water. While other environments may be able to soak up inches of rainfall at a time, the soil here quickly becomes saturated with water, leaving additional rainfall with nowhere to go but washes and streams. While natural features are usually competent at containing the runoff water, sometimes these may overflow or fail, allowing entire streams to barrel toward unsuspecting homes and communities.

Homes in Phoenix are rarely prepared for such a disaster because of how uncommon it is here. Most homes are built on level ground and not elevated above the street or nearby washes. When floods come, flowing over flat land and avoiding high ground, many unfortunate homes are caught in the path.

Most of the city is built on relatively flat terrain, doing little to stop advancing floodwaters. Neighborhoods without regular drainage outlets are especially susceptible to flash flooding and damage from heavy rainstorms. If you are concerned that a flash flood may be coming to your home, get valuable items and your family to high ground and call up SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of East Phoenix is ready in every major storm to help Valley residents recover from floods and other disasters that may befall their homes. Call us 24/7 at (602) 507-6163.
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Flood Damage Experts Of Phoenix

1/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Experts Of Phoenix In a severe storm situation, flooding can occur, and water can seep from the outside indoors.

Flood Damage Experts

It does not happen every day, but every once in awhile severe weather quickly arrives in your neighborhood with little notice. Violent storms bring with them dangerous wind and rain combinations that can cause a considerable amount of damage to your Phoenix home. Excessive amounts of rain and high-speed winds can cause damage on their own, but when combined, watch out!

In a severe storm situation, flooding can occur, and water can seep from the outside indoors. If water starts to fill up the inside of your home, it is a good idea to call up SERVPRO's flood damage crew in Phoenix. Rainwater seeping into your home can cause much more damage to your house than you realize.

Water itself can ruin building materials and contents inside your residence. In the case of rainwater, the contamination level of the water coming into your home is a serious issue. In most cases, rainwater entering the home is considered a category two or "grey" water damage. In flooding scenarios, water comes in from the outside forcing our team to use different procedures than if the water came from a fresh source.

For example, say a flood caused your storage room to fill up with water. The water only got onto the carpet and made some boxes you had stored wet. If the water came from a fresh source or was "white," then saving the carpet and contents is a possibility using drying and extraction. However, with rainwater or "grey" water any porous materials that are wet get discarded.

In this scenario, our IICRC certified SERVPRO crew shows up at your house and extracts all of the water they can. The carpet and any of the cloth contents get recorded as a loss. The floorboard, walls and other non-porous surfaces get dried, then treated and sealed. Some of the contents are salvageable with cleaning and drying, but other contents get accounted for and tossed.

Any time a water damage scenario involves grey water, mitigating the problem with proper procedures is vital so that offensive odors do not remain inside your resident's building materials. When a flood attacks your humble abode, call SERVPRO of East Phoenix at (602) 507-6163 for 24/7 assistance.

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Cleaning off Mud After Flood Damage in Phoenix

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cleaning off Mud After Flood Damage in Phoenix Flooding and Muddy Messes to Phoenix Properties Get Help from SERVPRO

Flooding from Storms Creates Unique Cleaning Challenges

Many storm-related floods carry large amounts of dirt and mud with them wherever they go, creating a mess should they reach your home. Mud is often one of the most visible signs of flood damage from Phoenix storms: mud can coat floors, walls, furniture, and anything else in its path. Furthermore, dirt may work its way into nooks and crannies in the home and certain materials, creating pockets of muck and grime that require deep and intensive cleaning to eliminate. SERVPRO has all the tools and training needed to work through mud and all of its problems, providing local flood damage victims with accessible and affordable relief when they need it most.
Mud and dirt typically rank among our top priorities for removal whenever we respond to a Phoenix flood damage case. Response speed is critical to remove it effectively, as if given time, mud can harden and form dry shells that are difficult to break off and can leave behind significant additional damage. If you call us as soon as possible, we stand a better chance of arriving before the mud dries and hardens. If the muck is wet enough, we may be able to remove most of it with much faster washing and scrubbing procedures. Rapid moving water from flash flooding presents a challenge to buildings to withstand the onslaught and then to cope with the detritus left behind.
However, to eliminate all signs of mud and dirt in the home, we usually need to employ more in-depth cleaning procedures. All SERVPRO locations, including us, are stocked with an array of professional and efficient cleaning solutions, tools, and machines that bring industrial cleaning strength to homes and small businesses in the area. Whether the dirt is stuck between floorboards, trapped in tile grout, or soaked into wallpaper, we have treatments and techniques to restore and repair many surfaces and materials without entirely replacing them. For sensitive objects such as electronics and jewelry, we also maintain relations with local experts to get your belongings the care they require without damaging them any further.
SERVPRO of East Phoenix has served the local community for years with residential flood damage mitigation and restoration solutions. Call us 24/7 at (602) 507-6163.

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Cleaning Flood Damage in Phoenix

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cleaning Flood Damage in Phoenix SERVPRO checks for swelling, water spotting, color bleeding, and mildew when restoring upholstered furniture after flood water damages your home.

Four Major Issues of Water Damaged Furniture After a Flood

When water comes flooding into Phoenix, most homeowners do not know where to begin. Even worse, is looking at what is left of their home after the water recedes and having no idea what is salvageable or how to do it.

Phoenix flood damage is unusual compared to other parts of the country. Once the rain stops, the water usually flows back out of a house and down into the storm drains in less than a day. The lack of standing water provides a false reassurance to homeowners, but SERVPRO has the experience to know that the clean-up is only starting.

Upholstered furniture is one of the hardest items to dry and clean after a flood. It has a mix of frame and fabrics which have their problems to watch out for when starting. There are four in particular that we pay attention to as they make up the majority of the issues.

Swelling – The frame on most upholstered furniture is wood, so we examine it for swelling which weakens the joints. Water also breaks down glues, causing even more damage. To combat this, we isolate the damaged furniture in one room (at the home if possible) and use space heaters set on low to dry out the items carefully.

Water Spotting – Dry-Clean only fabrics can easily spot and stain from flood water, so our inspectors carefully examine furniture for this. If the spotting is visible (on a sofa arm for example), then it may be necessary to dry-clean the entire piece. It may require bringing in a specialist for the task.

Color Bleeding – This occurs when the color runs from the fabric onto the legs of a chair or sofa and down to floors and carpets. SERVPRO has several methods to clean stained furniture, but carpets are much more challenging. To prevent it, we lift the items off the floor and place them either on blocks or over a pad that absorbs the bleed.

Mildew – The way we stop mildew from forming and growing is to dry the furniture as quickly as possible. If we do not have to worry about swelling, our technicians add air movers and dehumidifiers to the space heaters to speed up the process. If there is swelling, we carefully monitor the process so we dry the item rapidly, but without splintering or otherwise damaging it.

At SERVPRO of East Phoenix, we understand that homeowners are having one of the most difficult times in their life. Let us help you get through this and return your home and life to normal. Call today at (602) 507-6163.

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Flood Damage Inside a Phoenix Home

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Inside a Phoenix Home Storms Happen in Phoenix. The Cactus Points the Way for Help--SERVPRO

SERVPRO Inspects, Removes Water, and Verifies for Dryness Post Storms

Summers in Arizona can be hot, and leaving the windows open to let in some fresh air while going for a short trip shopping or visiting friends can work wonders to freshen up a home. Sudden storms happen increasingly often, and this can let rain water into open windows. This water can add up quickly, absorbing into the carpeting, walls, and everything in your Phoenix house.
Phoenix homeowners who allow this water to remain are setting themselves up for flood damage. Rainwater might look unimportant as it slowly soaks into your floor, but there is no such thing as minor flood damage. Determining how far the rainwater has seeped, and how much has entered into your walls through the window's frame are difficult to ascertain without proper equipment. SERVPRO's technicians have the required equipment. They also have received certifications from the IICRC and know exactly how to use these pieces of high-tech hardware to benefit you and your family.
When a homeowner calls us about flood damage inside their home, we always respond within four hours to their call. The sooner we begin, the less damage we need to mitigate and attend to in restoring your home to its pre-damaged state. While the need for pump trucks remains unlikely in this situation, our other equipment is also ready for any size job.
We need dehumidifiers, air blowers, and other equipment, including sensors, to ensure the location and elimination of all traces of water. Mold can begin to grow within 48 hours, posing risks to your home's structure if allowed to remain. Other types of damage from minor flooding include water stains, swelling of wooden fixtures, and corrosion of metal fittings in your home's interior.
If draperies are also affected and face the possibility of bleeding and other types of damage, we can remove these and have them cleaned at our facility. Window frames are designed to keep water out and can suffer damaging effects when exposed to rainwater on areas that were designed to remain dry. The legs of furniture in the area can stain carpeting if wooden and bleed onto carpeting. For every one of these situations and more, SERVPRO has an answer.
SERVPRO of East Phoenix is always ready to take your call at (602) 507-6163 When any flood damage, either minor or major, threatens the safety and comfort of your home in Phoenix or East Phoenix, we are always only a phone call away.

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Tips to Prevent Washing Machine Flood Damage in East Phoenix

7/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tips to Prevent Washing Machine Flood Damage in East Phoenix If your washing machine fails and dumps grey water in your home, call SERVPRO and we will arrive quickly to start the water remediation process.

Our Certified Team of Technicians Arrives Quickly to Handle Flooding at Your Home

Washing machines are ubiquitous these days, and of course, they make our lives so much easier. Unfortunately, as with any appliance, washing machines do not last forever. A washer can break or suffer wear and tear, and when that happens, there is always the risk of it causing a flood in your home.
Flood damage from a washing machine in your East Phoenix home means inconvenience and expense for you and your family. The appliance needs replacing or repairing, and there is also the cost of water remediation to be considered. SERVPRO is on hand to help when a leak occurs – but we recommend you take the following steps to prevent a leak from happening at all.
Don’t overload your machine. Throwing too many clothes into wash puts stress on the whole system and throws it out of balance. All that pressure comes out in the form of a leak. Keep your loads small to medium sized.
Protect your washer’s drain. Lint and fluff collect in the drain, and before you know it, you have got a block that leads to a flood. Buy some inexpensive lint catchers and be sure to change them every month.
Check the supply hose. Supply hoses are under a lot of pressure and are in danger of developing cracks that lead to floods. Look at your hose regularly and replace it if it looks damaged or feels worn.
Protect door seals. Door seals are essential for keeping the water where it belongs – inside the washer. Protect door seals from erosion due to mold or mildew by wiping them with a weak vinegar solution every month. Do not forget to rinse and thoroughly dry seals after using vinegar on them.
Install a single lever shut-off valve. Make it simpler to shut off the water should an incident occur by replacing standard connections with a single lever shut-off valve. Simply pull the handle, and the water is off.
Accidents sometimes happen even when you take precautions. That is why SERVPRO is on hand to deal with any washing machine related flooding in your home. Our IICRC-certified teams arrive quickly and are equipped with extraction equipment to remove the water, air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your home, and moisture detection equipment to make sure it is thoroughly dry.
For flood remediation, give SERVPRO of East Phoenix a call at (602) 507-6163 today.

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