Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage – Phoenix

Commercial water damage was sustained by this Phoenix office complex when an overhead pipe burst in the middle of the night. Building management called in SERVP... READ MORE

Phoenix Storm Damaged Hallway

The groundwater from the rising water after a storm drenched this section of a house in Phoenix. Flash floods are always a danger to life and property in Arizon... READ MORE

East Phoenix Laundry Room Mold Problem

Even with the lack of humidity in East Phoenix, when the PVC drain line for the washing machine leaks, water is available for dormant mold spores to proliferate... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Phoenix Basement

This fire generated from flammable products improperly stored in this Phoenix basement charred the exterior surfaces of the above floor joists and beams. The un... READ MORE

Phoenix Water Line Rupture in the Attic

The volume of water that flowed from the water line in the attic crawl space was sufficient to damage severely the drywall ceiling resulting in a demolition. Ou... READ MORE